Feminists whining about the mess they made


21 December 2005

In Scandinavia’s equality central, an antifeminist backlash?

More whining fucking drivel from feminists too stupid and pigheaded to realise how badly they have screwed things up. Even the title gives this article’s bias nature away, referring to Scandinavia as “equality central” when, in fact, it’s Socialism/Anti-Male central.

These former bra-burning hags emasculated boys and frowned upon masculinity, and are now whining because they’re surrounded by metrosexuals (I’m sure there are masculine guys in Scandinavia, but they’re probably hiding from the Femborgs.) Shame they haven’t yet noticed their countries birthrate is plunging too, and a declining population means declining taxes to subsidize Socialism and Feminism.

Says one feminist:

“You don’t change 2,500 years of female oppression in a summer holiday or a generation or two.”

Oh boo-hoo, 2,500 years of female oppression! That awful 25 centuries where you didn’t have to go to war, do the heavy work, provide for and protect the opposite sex…oh the oppression! You poor dears. Oh wait, you women still don’t do any of those things…the oppression continues I guess. And so does the whining.

Can’t feminists come up with a single argument that doesn’t rely on putting on the Crown Of Victimhood? I guess not.

“Women might want – not a sentimental macho,” Brogger says, “but a bright man with a sense of humor who can make us laugh.”

Listen up; what you want is irrelevant. Utterly irrelevant!

We’ve had decades of feminists loudly rattling on about what they want, how they want us men to act like, what they define as a “real man” and about how they think other people’s children should be raised.

And now we’re having to put up with them spewing forth their whining when the result of their forty-year social experiment hits them in the face with spinsterhood, childlessness and surrounded by men who are either emasculated mummy’s boys, “players” or just guys doing their best to avoid women altogether.

So shut the fuck up feminists. A big clout on your collective shaved heads! Time for us men to lay down a few ground-rules about what the fuck we want. And unlike feminists, we’ll take the long-term future of society into account.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:35 PM
At 7:05 AM, Anonymous said…

The feminists in Scandinavia will certainly be in for a big surprise once Muslims are the majority. The increasingly frequent gang-rapes are just a taste of what is to come.


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