Glamorizing Pedophiles


06 January 2006

On the way home from work tonight the woman sitting in front of me on the bus was reading some trashy women’s magazine. Not having anything to read myself, and being a bit of a rude sod, I glanced over her shoulder to see the sort of stupid article she was reading.

Basically, it was an article about female pedophiles, teachers specifically, and clearly showed them in a sympathetic and even positive light.

I couldn’t read much of it, but the large-print introductory paragraph read:

According to recent statistics, 40% of teachers reported for sexual misconduct are female. We ask two women what drove them to risk everything for an illicit affair with one of their own pupils.

There was a picture of one of the women in question; early-thirties and looking dreadfully sorry for herself as she posed in an outdoor shot. I was unable to read much of the text explaining what she had done exactly, but apparently it involved a boy of 13. A large-print quote underneath her picture read:

“His face was smooth like a boy’s, but he kissed like a man!”

Now just try to imagine it all reverse, the idea of a men’s magazine having a gossipy-sounding article about male teachers fucking girls aged 13 or 14 – maybe even younger – and lewdly declaring that “we ask two men what drove them to risk everything for an illicit affair with one of their own pupils.” Perhaps with a photo of a thirty-something guy looking full of self-pity as he gazes forlornly into the camera, juxtaposed with a quote of his; “Her chest was flat like a girl’s, but she kissed like a woman!”

People, quite rightly, would be outraged. It would be sick. It wouldn’t happen. It doesn’t happen either, despite the fact that – at least according to feminists – we live in some sort of pro-rape anti-female patriarchal tyranny. Instead, old men who fuck female children – particularly those who abuse children they are entrusted to take care of by the child’s parents – are rightly flung in prison and put on sex-offender registers.

Women get a slap on the wrist, lots of pity, and perhaps a gossipy article in a trashy magazine about her “affair” with her victim.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:22 PM

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