Go easy on them ladies now


10 January 2006

When does someone convicted of four charges of rape, five indecent assaults, two charges of permitting indecent images to be taken of children and two counts of making indecent images of a child get a measly five-years? Bearing in mind the victim is a three-month-old baby?

Why, when they are female of course! It especially helps if the female in question is convicted alongside a man who she can point at whilst shrieking “he made me do it!”

This story relates how a man and woman abused a 12-week-old baby, and how the guy got a life sentence whilst the woman got just five-years. I could understand the woman maybe getting a lighter sentence if she had only acted as a passive accomplice, but the judge confirmed that she physically joined in with the rape of the baby.

Yet the judge also quickly declared that the woman was “also a victim and had come under Webster’s “malign influence” and was to some extent ‘corrupted by him'”

Amazing. A woman can join in with her twisted boyfriend’s sexual abuse of a baby, get convicted of doing so, and yet she is still able to be described by the judge as “a victim.”

The bitch should have gotten life too.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:07 PM

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