I’m such a catch, I have a career!


08 December 2005

One primary goal of feminists is to stop men from judging women and evaluating them.

Women obviously want to continue to judge us men; on looks, strength, ability to listen to their drivel, and – most importantly – how much money we have.

But feminists regard it as outrageous that men should dare evaluate women on anything, like age, weight, attitude and her past.

How fiendish us men are for preferring younger women to old ones. How cruel it is of us men to not want to marry a woman who looks as if she could have been King Kong’s body-double. How nasty of us for declining to respond to the flirting of a woman we know to be a certifiable lunatic with lots of emotional baggage. And us men are apparently pretty much on a par with Attila The Hun in terms of horribleness should we regard a woman who has fucked a hundred men and whelped three bastards as crap wife material.

In fact feminism has done a good job of ensuring women try their best to appear as crap wife material as possible. Modern western women seem to think that being a crap cook is something to be proud of, that it’s fantastic to boast of being heavily in debt, being overweight and not caring is a sign of being liberated and having a bad-boy’s illegitimate brat is nothing to be ashamed of. Then they whine when men don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Curiously, though, women seem to think that us men size them up on the basis of their careers and financial status, the way they do with us. They throw everything into their careers and then go and try and find a husband when their looks are fading, their ovaries are running out and they are two-decades and sixty cocks past their virginity.

I overheard one woman complain that a guy she fancied had gotten engaged. She almost vomited in disgust as she jealously declared “This fiance of his is only a barmaid!” She thought that, being a solicitor, she was better wife material than a mere barmaid, despite the fact that she, the solicitor, is 35, getting chubby and as bitter as her dialogue suggests she is.

I read a letter in a paper once from some 30-year-old woman moaning about how she could not get a date, claiming “What’s wrong with men, damn them! I’m a good catch! I have a good career, a healthy salary, I’m on the way up to the top of the corporate ladder…”

So? Who gives a fuck. Maybe a young slacker guy might want to scrounge off these women, but these women want guys as successful – or, ideally, more so – than they are.

But these successful guys aren’t interested. They want a young woman who will have their kids and take care of them. Their career is irrelevant, and in fact is often a negative point; career women are hostile and competitive and even if they do have your kids they will want to put them in daycare before their first birthday so they can be raised by strangers.

Bizarrely, the one thing women want us to judge them on, their career, is the one thing we couldn’t really give a shit about.

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At 10:54 PM, rafael699 said…

I have to admit I judge women pretty harshly on all the factors you list. Of course, if the woman was a millionaire, I might put up with a little more bullshit – but even then it’s a tough call.


At 3:58 AM, acolyte said…

I agree with you 110% when I look at a gal I don’t want to get what I already have. I have a career and money and I am not looking for that in a woman, I want other things. I don’t know why in the world career gals cant get that in their thick heads!!


At 4:58 AM, Anonymous said…

2 decades and sixty cocks past virginity..

More true than you know. Watch out for some of them. I’ve met women who have had 100s of partners and they are only in their 30s.


At 5:59 AM, ntk said…

Oh yes. Excellent even by your usual standards.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous said…

Yes well put and convincing argument. But there is one weakness. Don’t be fooled that any woman is marriage material. You might think so at first but you will regret it. Yes the types you describe are obviously poisonous but whatever you might think at first after ten years you will wish you had never married no matter who you choose. Remember once a woman is married she will stop trying to please you and will become just like the others. You see the truth is that marriage is not the beginning of a man’s sex life; it is the end of it. Disbelieve me if you wish but all I am trying to do is to help you not learn the hard way.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous said…

The last poster is right. I’ve known guys that have been married 2 and 3 times. They say sex drops off dramatically after marriage.

The women feel they shouldn’t work, they want huge compensation for a little sex and the nagging starts. I know the impulse for full-time companionship is strong, but what’s worse is a full-time tormenter which is what the VAST majority of women turn into.

Talk to guys that have ex-wives. Then be afraid, be very afraid.


At 7:18 AM, Patriarchal Oppressor said…

I’d make good use of a career woman. I’d master the art of the payday headache and put out once a week.


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous said…

If you are dumb enough to marry a woman who is career focused, remember this – you will ALWAYS be last on the list, after career, material possessions, kids (if you’re that stupid), family pets, etc. You will have to learn to be content with the odd dribbles of halfhearted affection or pretend caring because she will always be “too tired” from her career to do anything but flop down on the couch and consume two or three microwaved dinners at a sitting.

So Just Say No To Marriage. It’s not worth it. Really.

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