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10 December 2005

The rise of the wannabe grannies

It seems that the Baby Boomer generation is getting a bit upset because they’re not getting to be grandparents. Apparently one-in-four women these days will never have children, bad news for those who only had a couple of kids themselves.

Even though I’m not even a parent, I can understand how this would piss would-be grandparents off. My own mum and dad couldn’t wait to have grandkids and fortunately my older sister and her husband have a son and daughter, which has removed the potential for me to feel guilty about not supplying grandchildren.

Naturally this article makes it out to be those high-powered career chicks spurning motherhood, as opposed to the growing trend of men spurning women and having kids with them.

Maggie, 42, is one of three “refusenik” siblings, all professionals in their late 30s/ early 40s who feel thoroughly fulfilled by their busy and successful careers…she is single and is not prepared either to compromise over her choice of partner or have a baby on her own. “I feel particularly sorry for my mother because her plans for a retirement surrounded by grandchildren have been thwarted, but that’s not a strong enough reason for me to have a baby on my own.”

Although I admire the way Maggie doesn’t want to become a single mother, it’s infuriating that this option is so casually presented these days, as if becoming a single mother is just another option to be contemplated. Maggie also says that she doesn’t want children ‘yet’; erm, you’re 42 dear. You’ve probably left it too late. Concentrate on your career and shut up.

It does mention another woman who had a son at 42, but only through IVF. This woman’s 67-year-old mother comments:

I also think that, biologically, his [her grandson’s] mother is tired in a way that I never was – because I had her and her sisters in my early 20s when my body was ready for it.

Pay attention fembots. The older generation of women are not the helpless and enslaved victims of The Patriarchy you though they were. They aren’t thick either. They landed a husband when they were young and had kids in their twenties, their most fertile years. Although there are women who decide they want a career instead of kids and do not regret that decision, most do regret it and end up bitter and spiteful when they realise that most men do not want to marry career chicks who are over 30 and, contrary to what their Womyn’s Studies teachers said, having a career instead of a family is not that much fun for women.

In our multi-choice society, we have become so used to a sense of entitlement that it’s a bitter discovery to find that we can’t have it all.

Um, what sense of entitlement? That’s what women have, not men. It is only brainless modern women who have to discover that they can’t have it all, and even then they just respond by screaming on about sexism.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 2:25 PM

At 7:48 PM, Slaytan said…

“Naturally this article makes it out to be those high-powered career chicks spurning motherhood, as opposed to the growing trend of men spurning women and having kids with them.”

Yeah – the good part is, that no matter how much they want to ignore it, and leave men out of equation, no matter how hard they tried, try and will try to do that – in the end, there will be no escaping from The Truth. Of course, when they won’t be able to fool themselves any longer, and live in denial, they’ll change their tune and say: “Oh, but it’s all men’s fault, they don’t want to have children”. You’ll see, this is exactly what will happen then. Let’s just hope that people will get tired of their f*cking bullshit by then, and they’ll just laugh with pity at those bitches.


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