Land of the falling sun

27 December 2005

The Japanese, like most of the West, have a rapidly falling birthrate. So what are they going to do about it?

Why, what else, but bring in a Socialist-style “gender equality plan that aims to put more women in leadership positions

Uh, guys, we did that in the West a while ago with positive discrimination/affirmative action and all that shit. We now have shitty service-based women-dominated unproductive businesses taking over manufacturing industries, taxes are rocketing to pay for “independent” (i.e. dependent and parasitic) single-mothers and child-care for the few kids career gals bother to have, and our populations are declining. The birthrate in the UK is 1.66 now, down from 2.4 a couple of decades ago (2.1 is required just to keep the population at the same level.)

One of the things the “reforms” will do is provide “financial support for women entrepreneurs.”

In other words, discriminate against men entrepreneurs. Where will they get money for this from? Taxes. So they’ll take money from hard working men and give it to women, regardless of whether the latter are in anyway productive.

It’ll just shame and pressure women into the workplace, meaning they won’t have many children and thus shrink the population further. Likewise, subsidizing these working women’s maternity leave and paying them full-time salaries when they only work part-time will just mean the next generation, being taxed yet further, will be even less able to afford to have families. And those children that are born will spend their early years in miserable daycare centres, just where feminist/socialists want them.

Jeez, Japanese fellas, what are you, stoopid? Learn from our mistakes dammnit! D’oh, d’oh, d’oh!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:43 PM
At 7:00 AM, Anonymous said…

This is exactly right. An government plan to enforce “gender equality” will merely drive the birth rate even lower. The only way to bring reproduction back to replacement level is to re-establish the traditional family.


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