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23 January 2006

Mum loses ‘right to know’ abortion battle

A mother of two teenage daughters has lost her High Court battle for a parent’s “right to know” if girls under 16 are being advised on obtaining an abortion.

This is unreal. The government has vehemently (and successfully) defended the belief that parents have no right to know if their underage daughters are pregnant and considering abortions. They are eagerly letting girls know that they can continue having consequence-free sex. If they get pregnant then they can either have the child and be quids-in with child support and benefits, and if they want an abortion, then they can get one free on the NHS and mummy and daddy won’t find out their little girl is a slut who is sleeping around at 15 or younger. It’s bad enough that men have no say whatsoever in whether their child is aborted (yet will be held responsible for 18-years of Child Support if the mother deigns to give birth) but the government is saying that parents have no right to know if their own underage daughters are pregnant and considering abortions.

What is most disgusting is the absurd and triumphant twittering of the judge and the government.

The stupid old twat of a judge blithered that forcing an underage girl to tell her parents she’s preggers :

“…may lead her to make a decision that she later regrets or seek the assistance of an unofficial abortionist.”

Here we go, the usual hysteria flung out by baby-killing advocates whenever anyone suggests any restrictions on women and girl’s abortion rights, the claim that not giving free abortions on demand will lead to an overnight explosion of women dying in backstreet abortion clinics. Furthermore the old fart is daring to imply that parents will have no ability to give good advice to their own children.

The BBC report says that:

The Family Planning Association, which had campaigned against Mrs Axon’s appeal, applauded the judge’s decision.

Well of course the Family Planning Association will applaud the decision. It’s in their interests to ensure girls will face little or no consequences for sleeping around, because they want girls to continue sleeping around. That will ensure a big demands for taxpayer funded STD treatment and abortions, which will keep the Family Planning Association people in jobs and with lots of funding. If girls may face consequences of sex, such as by not having welfare benefits and their sluttishness kept confidential – the same way men face consequences (in the form of Child Support, for example) then girls may stop whoring around, and that will mean a cut in jobs and funding for the Family Planning lot.

Chief Executive Anne Weyman said informing parents that girls were being given abortion advice would be a “disaster, leading to young people staying away from services and risking unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections”.

Or it may lead to young people staying away from risking unplanned pregnancy. Did you think of that? No, you want consequence free sex for all. Well…for girls anyway. Note how those who advocate women’s right to fuck who they want and abort who they want are invariably firm advocates of Child Support too. They don’t want consequence-free-anything for men. Just women.

This is the thing; I’m not some hardened prude, but I believe people should take the consequences of what they do. If a 13-year-old girl sleeps around with older guys then, when she gets pregnant, she can damn well sit there and get shouted at by her parents for being such a damn slut and her father (assuming she has one, for girls raised by single mothers are much greater teen pregnancy candidates than those raised with fathers) can go out and find which local thug has been fucking his little girl and smash his face in.

It’s further proof that the government is committed to removing parent’s involvement and rights with regards to their children.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:30 PM

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous said…

this is the only article (I use the term loosely) that I agree with you on. I sit looking at my beautiful 4 month old baby daughter and sometimes wonder what I’ve brought her into.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous said…

I fear the path that many teens are facing today with pregnancy and their choices to terminate or abort. it seems that once they find they are pregnant, the first thought is abortion. It seems a easy answer. I read dozens of posts ( http://www.keyfess.com/teen_abortions-the_truth ) regarding this exact problem and the attitude is heatbreaking. When can we teach our youth to take precautions to avoid getting pregnant in the first place?


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