Mum + kid = family


11 January 2006

On the local news tonight there was a report on the huge increase in people living in Manchester City Centre, with snazzy glass-encased apartment buildings going up all over the place in the regeneration since the 1996 IRA bomb.

Some people were suggesting that the apartments (we used to call them “flats” in the UK, but the US term “apartments” has been adopted because, I dunno, it sounds cooler) are only okay for singles or couples because children did not have enough facilities or free-space in these high-rise glass-blocks. The local news went to investigate how families with children living in these city central apartments were getting on.

They had an interview with a ‘typical’ family living in the centre of Manchester. This consisted of a woman of about 30 and her baby daughter.

Yup, that’s how irrelevant men are these days, at least according to the BBC; a ‘family’ – a ‘typical family’ at that – is a woman and an illegitimate kid.

This woman was going on about how convenient everything is for her in the city centre, especially the proximity of the nursery she dumps her 12-month-old baby for eight-hours a day whilst she goes to her crappy Pink Collar Job.

To me, that’s not a family, that’s a woman and her kid, the latter taken care of by strangers for the majority of her waking hours. But then again, I’m old fashioned; I was born way back in 1975 when families included a dad somewhere.

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