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07 February 2006

The Baby Race
11:05pm – 12:05am
Channel 4

Documentary series following 30 single women in their 30s over 18 months as they try to realise their dream of having a baby and setting up a family – without a husband or boyfriend. Three women who decide on donor insemination struggle with the dilemma of whether they need to know a man who is being used only for his sperm.

This is how acceptable and common it is in the UK today for women to assume that children don’t need a father and that deliberately becoming a single mother is a fine and even noble intention for a woman; they make positive sounding documentaries about them.


Oh yeah, these brave, brave women, so altruistic in their desire to have a child that they won’t let the fact that they are too old, ugly, annoying, repulsive or just downright mentally unstable to get a man get in the way, not to mention that annoying little fact that most social ills, especially crime and drug-use in youths, are linked to fatherlessness.

Imagine how fucked up these kids are going to be knowing their mother decided to inflict illegitimacy on them, that mummy just humped some random stranger with the old “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill” crap, or that their father’s input into their pitiful conception was wanking into a jar which mummy bought after deciding she couldn’t be bothered – or was unable – to get a man.

Imagine how fucked up these women will be when the cute little bundle of joy grows up into a moody, foul-tempered and depressed adolescent with little discipline because he/she has found out how pathetic the method of their conception was. This girl at least had a stepfather, but is desperate to find her biological dad; imagine how bad it must be for kids with no father, just the knowledge that their conception was mummy on her back with a jar of cock-snot in one hand and a basting brush in the other.

Imagine how fucked up the sperm-donors will be when they get hit with Child Support because these ‘independent’ women decide they can’t be bothered to support their bastard offspring.

Feminists love to rage “Get out of the Batman costumes and pay your damn Child Support” at fathers under the impression all non-custodial dads are deadbeats who abandoned pregnant girlfriends or wives and kids. Sure, some do, and they are indeed genuine deadbeats.

But as 70% – 90% of all divorces in the West are filed by women, and as this documentary makes clear there are also many, many women who set out to get pregnant without intending on keeping the father around, but instead just to file for Child Support and scrounge what they can out of welfare, always blaming the father doesn’t cut it. I’ve encountered women who actually do this, including one 19-year-old (who was herself illegitimate) who couldn’t stand living with her mother and her mother’s latest boyfriend and so (this was from her own confession, which I listened in on as she blabbered to a friend) she got pregnant to some random guy on a one-night stand solely to get a house from the council. It worked. She whelped her bastard, got a two-bedroom rent-free council house, furniture and a lot of welfare benefits to let her quit her job. Yet feminists will still insist she’s a victim of some evil deadbeat dad.

Also, note the mistake in the programmes description:

…realise their dream of having a baby and setting up a family – without a husband or boyfriend.

That’s not a family. A woman who has kids without bothering keeping the father around is not setting up a family, she is just a selfish whore spewing out bastards. Simple as that.

There are enough single mothers and all the social ills and welfare costs they fucking bring without encouraging their ranks to be swelled by selfish thirty-something spinsters who spent their most fertile years working at their career because they were so fucking dumb they actually fell for feminism.


If women want to spend their 20s and early 30s partying and working at their career, then fine, but when they find themselves unable to find a gullible rich sucker who wants their worn out skanky hides when career gal is 35, tired of her career and feeling broody, tough shit.

Thankfully, sperm donations are falling. Seriously, no man should donate sperm; there is a good chance any offspring will not be raised by his/her mother and a good stepfather, but instead by a single mother or a pair of lesbians.

Then the Child Support bill will arrive.

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