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18 December 2005

Thirties ‘peak time for babies’

The rate of pregnancies for women in their 30s has overtaken that for younger women for the first time, official statistics show.

As usual, the BBC doesn’t bother to try to examine some of the real reasons for this trend, such as women finding it harder to land a gullible sucker to marry these days as us men start to wise up.

Another reason, of course, is the feminist propaganda telling women that having kids means a woman is a traitor to her sex and a tool of the patriarchy, and that women ought to throw themselves into their careers. This results in women working away at playing Career Girl at their Pink Collar Jobs until they’re about 35, at which point they decide it’s time to find a husband and have kids. Contrary to what feminists told them, however, men aren’t really interested in women that age, and even if they are, the woman’s biological clock is rapidly ticking anyway.

The next step, of course, is for the suckered woman who is facing a childless spinsterhood to then turn around and blame men for their lack of commitment.

A spokeswoman for the Family Planning Association said: “These figures show a continuation of the development for women to turn to parenthood when they have explored other areas of their lives.”

In other words, women turn to parenthood when they have grown bored and stressed out with their careers and would like to play mummy whilst some gullible sod works on their behalf.

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