Pills and thrills


04 February 2006

A reader submitted the following link and comment:

Oral Side effects of the pill


Given that 80 percent of women have, at one point or another, been on “the pill”, is it any wonder that we have an entire generation of man-hating, androgenized clones?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:31 AM

At 9:40 AM, Hmh said…

Well, well… for some time now I’ve been noticing a difference between women obviously on The Pill and those obviously never on it.

Those on the pill have severe weight control issues, mood swings, clutch at teddy bears and just want to cuddle… no, seriously. Something ain’t normal there.

Those definitely off the pill have far higher empathy with men, can use logic the same way that men do, can control their weight and generally have higher energy levels. They also tend to get pregnant if they sleep around… but then most of these women simply don’t because they know there’s a high chance of pregnancy.

Of course these are just my observations. Anyone?

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