Policeman thrown off force for consensual sex


16 January 2006

This news story relates how a policeman was thrown out of the force after it was discovered he had sex with a girlfriend in the back of his patrol car. He has also been charged with “misconduct in a public office” and will be sentenced at a later date.

What is curious, however, is that he and a colleague were recently found not guilty of date-raping a woman on New Year’s Eve 2002 whilst giving her a lift home. Furthermore the woman only cried “rape” when she was arrested a couple of years after the, ahem, “attack” for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer. Oh, and she’s a heroin addict and has convictions for shop-lifting too. Such a poor wikkle pure-as-snow victim, how could she possibly be making naughty false allegations to get sympathy? Feminist rule #9: Women never lie!

Interesting way of getting sympathy after being arrested for attacking a policeman by the way; claim those two cops you drunkenly fucked a while ago actually raped you. Hey presto! Instant sympathy. She had an abortion afterwards too, so she’s a baby-killer as well, although note how she thought the baby “might” be one of theirs. Right, so it “might” have been one of theirs, but she wasn’t sure. How many random strangers did she drunkenly fuck that festive season then? Oh, and her anonymity has been perfectly preserved throughout all this.

Anyway, after all this sordidness, the policemen were acquitted, but it turned out PC Waring had had another act of consensual sex in the back of his police car with a girlfriend. So he’s been thrown off the force and convicted of “misconduct in a public office.”

To be fair, policemen screwing their girlfriends whilst on duty is not exactly commendable behaviour, and it does deserve some disciplining. The fact that he was married with kids whilst humping strangers and a girlfriend also makes him a big shit in my view; I’m not suggesting adulterers (of either sex) deserve sympathy.

However, throwing an experienced policeman off the force is a bit much, as is the nonsense “misconduct in a public office” charge.

Do you think, perhaps, this harsh treatment is because the courts want to get their revenge because he managed to escape their trumped-up date-rape charge?

Feminists infest all aspects of the courts and public services like the police force, with Women’s Groups (i.e. Feminists Groups) actings as advisors to some police and prosecutors with regards to sex crimes. Bear in mind Feminist ideology says women never lie when making allegations against a man, and many regard all heterosexual sex as rape anyway. Perhaps these feminist elements and their mangina allies in the anti-male courts were furious that they lost the chance to destroy a man’s life with a rape charge, so they decided they could at least ruin his career.

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