Post Valentines


14 February 2006


I’m so glad I’m single on Valentines Day.

All I’ve heard at work today are women explaining what expensive gifts their feeble mangina boyfriends got them, although the women invariably were bitching and nagging that it wasn’t an expensive enough gift, or that the bouquet of flowers wasn’t as big and as extravagant as the ones the woman in Accounts got from her boyfriend.

Women bragged about how their boyfriends were cooking them dinner that night or were taking them out to a show or for a meal.

“He might get lucky tonight!” twittered one woman, just because her boyfriend was taking her to an expensive new restaurant. So he will be splashing out his hard-earned money on his girlfriend (even though I think he earns less than her) and she will be rewarding him by simply opening her legs. Oh, gee, how generous!

Her boyfriend could hire an Escort Girl for less money.

The only good thing about St. Valentines Day is the following day when, thanks to the Marriage Strike reaching even those guys in long-term relationships, you get lots of women all ratty and grumpy because their boyfriend didn’t pop the question after the romantic meal the night before.

It’s best, though, if one woman does get a proposal on St. Valentines Eve, because she will invariably come in and boast about it to everyone in the workplace…and that sends all the other women – whose boyfriends didn’t pop the question – into jealous kitty mode.

“Hisss! I’ve always hated that bitch, two-faced cow. Why did her man propose but mine didn’t? Mieeowww, hisss!”

Hah hah!

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