Pre-meditated divorce


13 December 2005


Despite there being huge amounts of work to do, my female colleagues decided to put their feet up this afternoon and have a big long chat about Coleen McLoughlin (left), fiancee of footballer Wayne Rooney. This Coleen is basically a 19-year-old gold-digging tramp who does nothing but piss away her mega-rich (and mega-niave) boyfriend’s money on clothes and holidays. She refused to dump Rooney even after he got caught fucking hookers; that’s how much she loves his money him.

When the women at work were mocking Wayne Rooney’s slight lack of aesthetic qualities one guy observed “She only wants to drag him down the aisle because of his money.”

“Of course,” one woman sniffed, rather snootily, “Good on her too! Once she has married him she can get half of everything!”

Obviously this celebration of some cunt’s gold-digging ways is not exactly surprising, but what did strike me is the particular wording used, that once Coleen McLoughlin ties the knot with Wayne Rooney then “she can get half of everything.”

That wasn’t followed with “…if they divorce” or “…if he leaves her.” Instead the event of divorce was just taken for granted, as if it’s clear – and evidently condoned – that Coleen would marry this footballer with the sole plan of then divorcing him to get half his cash.

Then one other woman commented “Rooney earns £100,000 a week, that’s a lot! Even I couldn’t spend half that amount a week. I’d have fun trying though! I’d marry the ugly git for a few years to get £50,000 a week!”

And these women have the nerve to whine “How unromantic!” when I proudly declare I have no intention of ever marrying.

This reminds me of a phrase I’ve seen knocking about from the US; Starter Marriage. What could be more sensible for lazy women to use the legal rights they’ve been given to marry a guy with the sole intention of divorcing him, and then retiring? Living off of alimony and Child Support in ex-hubby’s house and never having to work again whilst looking for husbands two, three, four and five, grabbing more cash with every successive divorce. Each husband is like a promotion on the Professional Divorcee Career Ladder. The first sucker is just the starter, to get her going. The law will let women do that so it is hardly surprising many will set out with such a plan.

It is bad enough that women nag and bully men into marriage, smugly knowing that in the event of a divorce she can strip the guy of his assets, but clearly a growing portion of them are considering nagging and bullying a man into marriage having planned the subsequent divorce long before even meeting the poor guy.

The only good thing about women’s contempt for us men is that they reckon we’re so fucking stupid that we don’t know this, that we’re unaware that when they accuse us of being “scared of commitment” for not wanting to marry that we are, in fact, very aware of the trap that is being set and these women are just pissed off because we’re refusing to fall into it.

Don’t even let them know you’re onto them. Just refuse to marry, keep your earnings and stay secure.

If modern women want to have a big house, a couple of cars and lots of clothes then fine, but let them damn well work for it all, don’t agree to become a slave and let one of these work-shy materialistic gold-diggers retire on your wages, both before and after she has divorced you.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:21 PM

At 11:52 PM, rafael699 said…

Coleen sounds like my ex – spending as fast as possible. There should be mandatory training for 15 year old boys so they know this type of woman is out there. How many of us would be happier now without predatory women in our past?

Just a thought…


At 7:42 AM, DennisB said…

Once again, good observations all around. I’m glad you picked up on the “starter marriage” phrase that’s been going around here in the US. Dunno what to DO about it tho — it was MALE lawmakers who pushed all those divorce laws thru.


At 4:15 PM, CaptDMO said…

Guys, here’s a clue.
If she’s wearing a pink sweat suit and going shopping- she’s showing her retirement colors, getting fat, and nurturing an addiction to “feel good” credit cards. I suspect ice cream and chocolate is involved.

Dump ’em. Even call girls, street whores, and pop tarts maintain themselves for appearances in public.


At 8:52 PM, acolyte said…

I think we should make sure we have starter non-marriage. Don’t make the same mistake once. Say no to any opportunities to pull you down this slippery slope of cosigning for credit cards, footing bills etc. Men lets’ save ourselves! No women are worth being enslaved to for several years!!!!!!!!!


At 9:57 AM, Hmh said…

What is Wayne Rooney thinking?? This second-rate tart would only barely pass muster on the High Street of Skank Central during bargain shopping hour! A fit, high-earning guy like Rooney can have his pick, no matter whether some of the women around think he’s ugly (anyway these are the ones matter-of-factly talking about entitlement to half his money). Come on Wayne! If you’re going to throw half your future potential earnings at some random chick at least pick a good-looking one.


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