Sacrifice and contribute? To what?


14 December 2005

Huge divorce settlements in favour of women are invariably justified by the claim that the wife ‘sacrificed’ her career and, having done so, still managed to ‘contribute’ to the income and assets of her husband.

This, naturally, is based on complete lies and warped logic.


For starters, women do not ‘sacrifice’ their careers when they quit their jobs after marriage. Sacrifice implies giving up something you enjoy, or ripping out people’s hearts in the name of Kali like the cheerful gentleman to the left is doing. Giving up working in an office or factory 40+ hours a week to instead do a bit of housework, watch television and lunch with other ‘ladies of leisure’ is not a sacrifice. That’s retirement!

For a woman to claim that she ‘sacrificed’ her career after getting married and was obliged to remain at home whilst her husband provided for her is like a man claiming that, after getting married, he ‘sacrificed’ doing his own housework and instead was obliged to watch television with a beer whilst his wife did it for him (assuming she did, which not many do these days.)

Furthermore, a woman who quits her job after marriage, or just works part-time, does not ‘contribute’ to her husband’s subsequent financial success. Instead, she merely provides an incentive, as do any children she has.

Consider a man who leaves home at 20 and buys a big house with a huge mortgage. It is likely he will subsequently work hard at his job and earn promotions and pay-rises, and thus be more successful by the age of 35 compared to, say, a man who remains living with his parents until the age of 35. This is because the guy with the house has a big mortgage to cover and will be out on the streets if he fails to make the payments, not to mention the fact that he has to furnish and decorate it himself, pay his own bills and buy his own groceries, unlike the guy who just lives at home with his parents, perhaps paying a token amount of board; he won’t have his bedroom repossessed if he loses his job or is turned down for a promotion because he is a lazy git. Similarly the former man will pull out all the stops to find a job if he is made redundant, whilst the latter, the man living at home, will maybe decide to have a six-month break before hunting for another job as seen as his mother will still buy (and make) his dinner for him in the meantime.

The man with the mortgage will invariably have more success in his career because he has a house – but the house does not contribute to his wealth, it merely provides an incentive for him to earn more wealth with regards to the expense it brings.

Similarly, a wife who remains at home does not contribute to her husband’s success; she merely provides the incentive for him to earn more wealth with regards to the expense she brings.

Of course, in the old days a housewife who does all the housework could very well argue that she contributed to her husband’s success in some way, by taking over all the domestic chores and providing a loving and comforting atmosphere for her hard-working husband to come home too, and rewarding him with things like appreciation and, best of all, lots of children. Such a loyal wife and mother of one’s children, in my opinion, would have a good claim for a portion of her husband’s assets should he callously divorce her for no good reason (but not if she divorces him for no good reason; then it’s tough luck for her.)

These days, however, such women are rare. They reckon its a sign of domestic slavery to do any housework, save, perhaps, for a token amount started just before hubby arrives home so she can try to make out she works harder than him. Having kids is not something they really want to do either, except a token one whelped when their biological clock starts to tick and even then they often chuck it in a daycare centre before its first birthday. We don’t want taking care of babies to interfere with your trips to Star-bastard-bucks, do we ladies?

A common term for a housewife I’ve seen these days is simply ‘A Lady Of Leisure’ which, to be fair, is quiet accurate. Most do fuck all to contribute to a husband’s career success except to screech and nag him to earn more so they can spend more, coupled with the ever-present threat of divorce that women know they can hit a man with the way a jockey whips a horse to get it to exert itself harder.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:47 PM

At 4:30 AM, Anonymous said…

What do you mean that women don’t contribute anything to a man’s success. There are still a few women out here making lunches and taking shirts to the cleaners – all the while taking care of children. Don’t be so universal in your comments, there are some of us who still enjoy tending to a home and children – while still very much appreciating a man and what he does to support us.


At 6:24 AM, jefdrummer said…

…and You my dear represent the extreme minority of women. The vast majority live it up like desperate worthless housewife trash.


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous said…

Although the first comment may be right the problem is the situation as a whole is in crisis. If the first poster is a Lady then I for one have no desire to undermine her attitudes – I am not here to insult. But marriage for a man is a catastrophe. I say this as one who has been married nearly 30 years. The only encouraging thing is that the ‘Eternal Bachelor’ who is only in his thirties has come to an understanding that it took a lifetime of pain for me to understand. It is only if attitudes such as his become widespread that there is any hope at all.


At 3:57 PM, Threats said…

In America they don’t use the “I’ve sacrificed” excuse much anymore. It’s been shot to shreds because of guys like us. Now they make you pay to support her life style. All the woman has to do is go to court and say, “Your honor I’m accustomed to…”, and there goes your money. It doesn’t matter that it was you who brought her up to that lifestyle when you married her. The courts believe it’s wrong to make her return back to her previous lifestyle even if the reason for divorce is her infidelity.


At 12:34 PM, CaptDMO said…

Even better-
Fresh into the junior year of college “humanities” major course of studies the hunt is on for the starter husband. After sacrificing that career in the highly lucrative, and competitive field of womans engineering for the sap wasting his family investment to cast off(with a stupidity fine deducted from his paycheck)while the one formerly known as “gives a reasonable hummer” continues to “maintain” a household.

“OH, I have to make ALL the service calls BY MYSELF -to the carpet service, cleaning lady twice a week, meal delivery service, plumber, fix=it service, electrician, auto mechanics, snow removal service, accountant service,painters, exterminators, garbage removal, and curtain rod contractors. Why just last week I had to take the car to the car wash and take a quarter hour out of my day. It was horrible-I had to cram shopping into two hours.

You have no idea the number of people I have to manage just to get by your honor, even with the flat now at half occupancy!! Job? Degree? No, I gave that up just before my(grade inspired) departure from university. I couldn’t possibly get entry level work in in the highly lucrative, and competitive field of womans engineering at this point in life. There’s too much competition from young grads.

Yes, it’s true I’ve taken in an unmarried “boarder” that I met through my husbands work, yes he makes more than my husband does, because he is sooo dedicated to his job.But he has great responsibilities that demand ALL his resources.


At 7:49 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom is educational. It informs you such great information like the fact that Thugee is pronounced Tug-eeh, and that Indian people eat monkey brains and eyeball soup. Oh, and it shows you that the best thing to do when cornered on a rickety rope bridge hundreds of feet above crocodile infested waters is to cut the fucker in half and hang on tight. That piece of information has saved me many times.


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