10 December 2005


The Sugarbabes are a trio of female lip synchers pop singers who are amongst the many whorish role-models for what pass for young ladies these days.

Basically they appear to glamourise and celebrate being a slapper who humps bad boys, sneers at decent guys and enjoys controlling men with promises of sex.

Take their crap song Freak Like Me, which only got to be a hit because they stole some fairly funky Gary Numan backing track and sang over it with lyrics like:

Boy you’re moving kinda slow,
You gotta keep it up now, there you go,
That’s just one thing that a man must do,

They were aged 16, 18 and 19 when they sang that on Top Of The Pops, pouting at the cameras and wiggling their hips. Nothing wrong with that really, they’re over the age of consent and shit, but bare in mind there will be teeny-boppers aged 10 to 15 who’ll look up to them and think “Hey, I think I’ll dress like a whore! I think I “need a roughneck brother that can satisfy me” too. Yeah! Grrrl power!”

A few more lyrics from their, ahem, ‘songs’:

How do i know if im ready to take it,
And just thinking about it,
Scares me like freddy?
Cuz I’m virgin virgin sexy,
If you want me just text me

I don’t need no man,
Got my kicks for free

Wanna have the fellas locked on ice,
Wanna play around with them like dice,
He didn’t know I was a freak until he met me after dark,
He thought this girl was chic

Not very intellectually challenging are they? Just a celebration of being an immature brat and a slut.

They’re not even terribly pretty either. Take Mutya Buena. Yikes! A single mother too, having whelped a bastard earlier this year, a few months shy of her 20th birthday.


Then there’s Heidi Range, a former member of Atomic Kitten, a band renowned for man-bashing songs. They look used up and, indeed, they probably are.


It’s a shame they don’t have the foresight to mention in their songs that a youth of fucking bad boys and being a ‘freak like me‘ is a one-way-ticket to being a lonely spinster who, once those pert titties have started to droop and those cute bottoms have begun to expand, can’t get the time of day from bad boys, decent men or any guy in between.

Actually it’s not really a shame that they don’t mention this. It’s quite funny in fact. I like the idea of former bad-boy-fucking grrrl-power sluts realise too late that, once their 25th birthday passes, no-one wants their STD-ridden hides, and they have a good five-decades of spinsterhood and cats to look forward to. Heh heh! Stupid bitches.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:04 AM


At 8:37 PM, Paul said…

I really don’t think it is as hopeless for them (which means I agree with you about 90%, not 100%, so don’t think I’m saying you’re wrong, I’m not). Most men will respond to a woman who is pleasent to be around, even if she already has brats or was a ho. Fembots act bitchy and when their bitchiness drops them in an emotional hole, they continue to be bitchy, thereby guaranteeing that they won’t dig themselves out!


At 9:00 PM, Anonymous said…

I’m so happy I have no idea who these women are 🙂 I’m listening to Simon and Garfunkel right now. Classic rock is generally better than most anything in the “popular” arena.

– openeyes


At 9:11 PM, Dante said…

All this kind of nonsense this tarts are spewing is good reason to acquire some land far in the countryside, keep it stocked with several years provisions and be ready to go at a moments notice. The matriarchal society we now will(hence the metaphorical “Pandoran” Age- in a series of ugly disasters before the patriarchy can be re-established


At 9:19 PM, Dante said…

My whole novel is a metaphor for this age-I amazed that so many men are starting to get it, and actuallt write about it. KUDOS!!!!!

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