Sympathy for the cunts


23 December 2005

Bitch abandons kid

“I am very concerned for her mother. This will have been a very difficult day for her. It will have been difficult physically and I’m concerned about her emotional state.”

Yeah, very difficult day for the cunt, abandoning her newborn, blah blah blah, it must be the fault of a man no doubt, yadda yadda yadda, mother must come forward as she is missing out on valuable Child Support cash, yawn.

It’s about time we started demanding real equality, with regards to responsibility. A man who has his kids stolen from him by their mother is regarded as a deadbeat if he does not hand over all his wages to their fucking mother, and regarded as a male chauvinist piece of scum if he dares assume he has any right to see them, yet some worthless woman who literally dumps her one-day-old baby is fawned over and promised sympathy and help (and money, no doubt.)

Any woman who abandons her children is a piece of shit. She should be sterilized and not allowed to be anywhere near her kids, not given tea, sympathy and money like in our current fucked up society.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 11:32 PM

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