15 December 2005


I read the other week that the number of women being fined for speeding offences in the UK has risen sharply in the last decade.

Curiously, it was about a decade ago that speed cameras began to be installed all around Britain.

I reckon there is a significant correlation here. Namely, a speed camera, unlike an actual policeman, will not tear up a motorist’s speeding ticket just because the motorist in question is a woman batting her eyelids and flashing a bit of cleavage whilst whimpering “Oh, pweease officer, I won’t do it again!”

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:37 PM

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve heard this happening all over. I had a boss once who could cry at any moment. She got out of dozens of traffic stops over the years.


At 1:54 AM, rafael699 said…

I knew a girl in college who shit herself to get out of being arrested for drunk driving. The cop couldn’t bear to put her smelly ass in the squad car. Women will do whatever it takes to get out of trouble.


At 9:54 AM, Danielle said…

As a woman myself I think its disgusting women use their tits and ass to get out of situations, If I was caught speeding then I would pay the price.

I’m ashamed to be a woman at times because of what others do, there is still a small minority of us good women out there. My partners ex left him, took his 2 children and a third of his wages via the CSA. She also told him he would never see them again, well that was 7 years ago and he hasn’t seen them for 5. It took ages for my partner to fully trust and I don’t even think he does now, but I accept that because I love him. I hate his ex BFH for what she has done, he is very bitter now.

Why do women do this? Do they want to be hated so badly?


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous said…

“Why do women do this? Do they want to be hated so badly?”

The answer is because they can and are encouraged by the law (divorce + children = money + lawyers). It gives them a sense of power. Also some are just bitter, vindictive, spoiled, narcissistic bitches that think “they are all that and then some” and that they are naturally entitled to everything their hearts desire. In the end they are harming the children but in truth they don’t give a shit, because harming their ex is more important.

Here is a good quote:

“Women do not find it difficult nowadays to behave like men; but they often find it extremely difficult to behave like gentlemen.”

In truth they behave like sluts and louts as they’re poor comparison to men.

Well I hope you treasure your partner and I hope he reciprocate in-kind



At 10:52 PM, Anonymous said…

I also knew a secretary that could make herself throw-up. She did it during a traffic stop. The officer just said “Go home now” and let her go.


At 9:48 AM, nigeles175d said…

I do not think there is a direct correlation specifically to an increase in women breaking speed limits, although women drive more miles than they used to (men used to be their chauffeurs), and women’s nature is allowed to be more aggressive with impunity by the modern social and legal systems. Technological advances have made speed cameras a more practical and affordable option in more recent times. It is interesting though, as you say, that this technology is not as “pro-female” as perhaps a speed cop might be, and a few avenues of escape for women are closed in that respect. But, the prosecuting office is still staffed with women 😦 I think that the speed camera’s more honest behaviour in regard to catching women speeding has resulted in a more honest representation of women’s poor and aggressive driving attitudes in statistical reports. But I suspect that the mainstream media controlled by pro-female attitudes will “spin” this data to blame men and praise women 😦


At 8:56 PM, Anti Misandry said…

Spot on Duncan, I’ve often figured the same thing – a camera can’t be enticed by batting eyelashes and a cute cleavage shot, that would any-other time be considered sexual-harassment.

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