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10 December 2005

Here’s an amusing comment by one dopey bitch at the bottom of the Daily Mail article I linked to in the previous post:

For the record, I have not chosen to remain childless for the sake of my career or any other supposed reason we selfish women are not giving birth – I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t have commitment issues. I’m 36 years old, all my friends are married with children and my social life revolves around me going to their homes for a quick supper before they fall asleep exhausted on the sofa. I never meet single men in this environment and have not been “chatted up” by a man in over four years – I am attractive and work in the media but cannot meet a man. Any advice?

See how she immediately blames men: we all have “commitment issues” apparently. Uh-huh, right bitch, and you don’t think that you just might not be attractive to men, either in looks or personality? Maybe you should stop being so self-centered and see how bad the divorce rate is and how it cleans men out, and how this means sensible men are avoiding it. Let’s not forget Child Support, better thought of as Child/Mother Support.

Maybe if feminism hadn’t come along and made marriage so risky and emasculated men, women wouldn’t be faced with a society increasingly full of men who are either wimps, players or eternal bachelors.

Look how she points out that she works in the media as well. As I said a few posts ago, men don’t give a fuck about women’s careers. “I work in the media!!” So? Big deal.

She also whines she hasn’t been chatted up by a man in four-years. Oh boo-hoo. Try and chat one up yourself bitch, or does your strong independent womynhood not extend to actually doing that?

Like most women she just wants guys to come up and risk rejection (and possible accusations of sexual harassment) by chatting her up, lest she have to make a move and risk rejection herself. Typical entitlement mentality; she can’t get a date or a husband and so therefore men must be at fault.

If she’s hoping to be chatted up she shouldn’t get too hopeful. For starters the marriage/dating strike is taking hold. Secondly, this woman is 36. Too old. Probably not as attractive as she boasts (and certainly not as nice as she would have been in her 20s) and almost a decade past her most fertile years. That biological clock is about to go off love, and unlike an alarm clock it doesn’t have a snooze button to give you just a bit more time.

“Any advice?” she asks.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 3:30 PM


At 4:18 PM, rafael699 said…

Fantastic!! I love the last line with the link to the cat site. I have met so many women like the one you describe. If you do make a play for them, they are half-grateful and half-angry that you didn’t come along sooner. Still, the best thing about these high strung women is that they are great for sex; it is their hard-headed stubborn feminism that kills any chance for a long-term relationship.


At 7:56 PM, Slaytan said…

“Any advice?” she asks.



Difficult to comment anything else, since Duncan already said everything there’s to say about this “situation”.


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous said…

I wouldn’t mind hooking up with the bitter old fool if I could stay home and raise the kids. She can sit in a cubicle all day and work. Hows that for respecting women’s independence, personal choices and right to work?

I’ll change diapers in between shopping and surfing the Internet. Sign me up for the rich bitch life!



At 8:29 PM, Paul said…

She’d make some married man the perfect side piece. Seriously, I think these angry, stupid, so-called independent women set themselves up to be mistress material. Dude, like you said, men don’t give a damn about a woman’s career, we want to know how she’s gonna treat us.

And if she is attractive, I would not be surprised if there aren’t guys who want her, but she ignores them because of THEIR careers. She ain’t married, but I bet she thinks she’s too good for a blue collar guy or a guy who occupies a lower position. Why doesn’t she try getting a 26 year old? When I was 24 I had a 36 year old girlfriend. Didn’t marry her though, primarily because SHE FELT UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT THE AGE, not ME.


At 12:08 AM, Anonymous said…

“have not been “chatted up” by a man in over four years – I am attractive”

Yeah, right.


At 2:47 AM, acolyte said…

“I am attractive” whenever a woman says this just know that it’s a load of b.s!Like you said when a woman cant get a man we are the problem not them.And like you said we dont care about careers coz we have our own,it’s only jobless men who would be after her.The link to the chat site was a winner!


At 12:02 PM, Anonymous said…

She works in the media?

Would that be for the..

“I hate men Times”?
“Daily men suck Telegraph”?
“the universe revolves around women Vogue”?

What sort of retard would date a women who works in today’s anti male media?


At 12:05 AM, DennisB said…

Another great Post! Spot-on, as you Brits say. And good points about the anti-man media, too.


At 5:13 PM, * said…

Cat link .. omg too damn funny!


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