Women only pools are ‘sexist’


23 January 2006


Council in hot water over women-only swimming sessions

Women-only swimming sessions have been scrapped by a council after a man complained they were sexist.

The man, who has not been named, complained about not being able to take part in the popular sessions at the pool in Portishead, north Somerset.

Hah! Good. It’s about time this started to happen. Women go nuts at male-only clubs and institutions yet they are happy to have it the other way round.

Let’s laugh at some of the women’s comments from the above article:

This is pathetic…just because of one man they have scrapped a session which would benefit ladies. My local centre holds a ladies session for 1 hour on saturday but even then the life guards are not able to get the men out in time and they hover around the pool like vultures! Some women have religious reasons for attending women sessions only and men should respect that!

Sophie, London, UK

Respect my big hairy bollocks, Sophie from London. Oh boo-hoo, the men are reluctant to leave when the women-only hour starts. What do you expect, they’ve just been told to fuck off so a bunch of fat skanks can have the pool to themselves. Would you be so eager to humbly clear off in such a situation?

What next – no mother & baby sessions allowed? Ridiculous! We have women only gyms and those gym do not have to provide a men only alternative. If demographics say it is justified then it should be allowed.

Linda, Boston, USA

Right, so gyms discriminate against men, so therefore swimming pools should too? You stupid fucking cunt Linda.

I agree with Lorrie from Manchester. I had to get out of a swimming pool once because a man touched my leg when swimming past – we were swimming towards each other and he ended up passing close enough to touch me and as there were only the two of us in the pool it wasn’t as though the pool was crowded. I left the pool in disgust. Women aren’t gropers of men but the reverse does happen. Yes, women only pools are sexist but for a very good reason.

J Marsden, Blackpool, UK

“Waaaagh, a man touched my leg by accident! Boo-hoo, it’s tantamount to rape! Blubber. I left the pool in disgust. Sniff, sob.” Oh do shut up J Marsden you whining bogey-bubble.

Incidentally her statement that the women only pools “are sexist but for a very good reason” sums up feminist logic (or what passes for their logic), admitting that anti-male discrimination is indeed “sexist” but claiming that it is “for a very good reason”…the good reason being that women say so.


Finally, one of the good comments:

This was blatant discrimination and frankly a council of all organisations should know better. By their own admission within the article, men now attend and therefore, prior they were clearly being prevented from doing so. The number matters not at all.

It’s time that certain elements of society woke up and realised that sexual equality is a two way street, with men often being subject to at least as much prejudice as ladies.

Simon Edwards, Reading, Berks

And here’s my comment. It might not get published but it’s worth a try.

Good, I’m glad these have been banned. There is too much of this women-only nonsense in gyms, swimming pools, etc yet women shriek with fury if there are any men-only equivalents. Also, swimming pools are funded by taxpayers, which means men are not being allowed access to a public service they pay for.

Update: Hooray, my comment above got published.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:08 PM

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous said…

Like I would want to get into a pool with ANY of those fugly hogs …

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