You can’t have it all, so there!


15 February 2006

This link, found by Darren at CT4M, has a load of letters regarding the myth of feminism’s demands that women could have it all.

The vehemently anti-feminist nature of the majority of letters, including many from women, combined with the fact that The Times is a major mainstream newspaper and one of the few that manages to be reasonably objective, prove that bloggers like me, contrary to feminist claims, are not just some tiny minority lurking in cyberspace. Men and women all over the UK and beyond are getting pissed off with all the crappy effects feminism has had, specifically regarding the fact that it only gave the previous generation of women the choice to work or stay at home; today’s women – unless they are single-mother welfare-parasites or have managed to marry a rich guy – have no choice, they have to go out and work.

This letter is worth noting:

If having it all means to work and have children, then yes you can. At least in Denmark, where 90 per cent or thereabouts of mothers work, most of us full time. We pay nearly half our salary in taxes, but we do have state-funded childcare, and men who, to a large degree, take most – mind you, not all – of their share of the child-caring and housework. Much as I love Britain and all things British I’m always bewildered when I read about its family policies and habits. I don’t understand why the father never seems to enter the equation. I am not saying Denmark is a paradise of equality devoid of stress – far from it. But at least it is possible to have children and work at the same time and neither I, nor any of my friends have ever considered staying at home, because we really like our jobs. And OK, we also need the money. Who doesn´t?

Name and address withheld

What’s significant here is her insistence that she and her friends “really like our jobs.” Well good for them. But what about those women in Denmark who don’t like their jobs? Who regard sitting at a desk under flourescent lights shuffling paper about as utterly shit compared with running a home? Those women – and their husbands – who would rather one of them was staying at home looking after the children instead of the kids dumped in some state daycare centre?

Those women are fucked. They can’t be full-time mothers, they have to work because, as this woman points out, “nearly half” of their salaries are paid out in tax, clearly in order to subsidise what career women laughably call “independence” in the form of paying for daycare centres. How on Earth could an average guy support a wife and kids on one salary if almost half is being stolen by the government? She boasts 90% of mothers work, but how many would rather stay at home? Even on the off-chance they’re all happy to be working rather than staying at home with the kids you have to ask whether 90% of children are happy spending so much time in the care of strangers.

The Danish woman makes a revealing comment at the end too, pointing out that she needs the money; “and who doesn’t?” Indeed. So she may enjoy her job – or claim to – but she admits she has no choice but to work anyway if taxes are that high.

Finally, this next letter is superb, it summarizes so much it could be the intro to virtually every anti-feminist blog:

Of course women can have it all – as long as men pay for it and society collapses because of it. We allow positive discrimination so that women can get jobs they don’t deserve; we allow ridiculous (and costly) preferential treatment for women once in the workplace; we allow women to fail at these same jobs then claim ludicrous payouts for vacuous claims of sex discrimination; we allow women’s wants (never needs) to dominate the divorce courts; we allow men to be pilloried for domestic abuse when women commit much of it; we allow women to dominate arguments about all these issues at home/work/anywhere by the simple expedient of bursting into tears and we allow massively more research spending on women’s health issues despite men dying earlier than women. And on top of all of this and so, so much more, we are forced to listen to their constant moaning about how hard done-by they are and how they are worth so much more than men. Western women are the most pampered, fussed-over species that has ever existed on this planet … and yet the self-indulgent whining never ends.

Derek Sinclair, Dundee


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