13-year-old mum


06 March 2006

My surprise baby at 13


This proud young mother slept with a guy on her 13th birthday and now says of the father:

“I don’t want him involved in looking after her. I don’t think he even knows about her.

“He wasn’t the nicest boy in the world and I think we’re both better off without him.”

I feel sorry for the baby; her mother is a teenage slut and she will never know her father because mummy doesn’t like him after all. Not only that, when the kid is a teenager her mother will only be in her mid-twenties. How weird will that be? Note how her parents refuse to take responsibility too, claiming their daughter was in care at the time she got pregnant. So? Their daughter, 24-hours after entering her teens, willingly let a guy enter her, so regardless of whose care the girl was in they’ve still raised a slut.

But the most annoying thing about this story is the sickly sweet nature of it, going on as if it’s some sort of nice feel-good tale. On the newspaper review this morning on BBC Breakfast, the female presenter was going on about how “fortunately, the baby was born okay and she and her mother are healthy” whilst Dermot Manginaghan was simpering “what a heart-warming story.”

No it’s not heartwarming, it’s depressing, a sign of how fucked up and irresponsible girls are these days and how many parents are incapable of raising their own kids properly. I remember about ten-years ago there was a report in this same paper, The Mirror, about a 12-year-old girl giving birth. Back then the report had a depressing theme about it, along the lines of What’s The World Coming To? Now, a decade later, it’s considered sweet and heartwarming to hear of girls barely into puberty whelping yet more bastards.

People will judge us, but we don’t care.

Fine, Charlotte, then you won’t mind me judging you to be a little slut and your child a bastard who will probably follow in your footsteps.

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