A 50% female workforce is not equal enough


12 March 2006

Whilst browsing round the Manchester Evening News site I managed to dig out an older article I recall seeing (and fuming over) a couple of years ago:

Council picks more top jobs for women

MANCHESTER city council has decided that having women in half its middle management posts is not enough to even up the sexes – and has raised the target to more than 55 per cent.

Hmmm…55% of the workforce should be women. This is an interesting definition of “equality” they’re using, especially bearing in mind just over 50% of middle management posts are already held by women. Presumably, when they reach 55% it’ll be raised to 60%, and so on.

Figures from the 2001 census showed that only 47.3 per cent of Manchester’s working-age population was female. However, some 69 per cent of the council’s workforce are women.

So almost seven out of ten workers for the council are women. There would be a whirlwind of foaming hormonal fem-rage if seven out of ten workers were male. I worked for the civil service briefly after I left Uni and the office was entirely dominated by women, yet they had the nerve to send a couple of women from the Equality Department to give a seminar where we were told how women are discriminated against in the civil service.

Incredibly they actually consulted a Men’s Rights Activist for an opinion on the matter. It’s worth reading the comments too, which are mostly against this demented “equality” plan.

On the subject of the council, I got my annual council tax bill in today too; it’s gone up again to almost £1,000. For non-UK readers, council tax is what we Brits have to pay to the local council, on top of income tax, national insurance, VAT, etc. Council tax pays for vital things like councillor’s wages and celebrating International Women’s Week.

I really really want to leave this country.

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