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30 March 2006


Six ways to tell a prince from a player

It’s hard to meet men, let alone a good man, so when you find someone you connect with and hormones fly, it’s easy to lose direction and difficult to know whether he’s a prince or player.

More pathetic entitlement crap from MSN on what to expect – nay, demand – from men. Still, it’s funny the way the writer (a woman, obviously) starts off whining about how it’s “hard to meet men” – that’s ‘cos most of us are playing video games or down the pub with our mates, having decided women aren’t worth the hassle these days. Prepare for shares in dildos and cats to rise steadily over the upcoming decades.

As seen as MSN would never run anything with the sexes reverse, lest they offend the multitude of women who most certainly aren’t “good women”, here’s my own handy guide on how to tell an Entitlement Bitch from a Good Woman, juxtaposed with MSN’s own crap.

A prince calls when he says he will. A player has a long list of excuses as to why he couldn’t call.

A Good Woman would like you to call but doesn’t go apeshit if you don’t, and maybe even considers taking the initiative of calling you. An Entitlement Bitch turns into a tsunami of hormonal rage (because MSN, Cosmopolitan and Oprah told her men should call) and calls you up to spew abuse at you or goes and makes a false rape accusation.

A prince puts you first. A player puts everything but you first — work, golf, drinking, friends, you name it.

A Good Woman puts your first. An Entitlement Bitch puts everything but you first – work, TV, drinking, friends, you name it. But she expects you to put her first, obviously.

A prince wants to meet your family and friends and wants you to meet his (when he sees the relationship is moving forward). A player may take you out with his friends (or bring his friends along on your date, depending how you view it), even on the first date. Consider this a clear sign that dating you has little to do with building a relationship. As for family, don’t plan on meeting them.

A Good Woman wants to meet your family and friends and wants you to meet hers, yet doesn’t push you into it. An Entitlement Bitch demands you meet her parents as soon as she’s decided the relationship should move forwards (such as after the first date) but if she doesn’t like yours she’ll try and get you to cut off contact with them.

A prince invests time in you — taking time to find out your favourite song, dessert, etc., a sign of his falling for you. A player puts forth little effort to really get to know you.

A Good Woman invests time in you. An Entitlement Bitch thinks that it’s being a “slave to the patriarchy” to do anything with you unless it’s receiving gifts and pampering.

A prince is the one who will hand-deliver chicken soup when you’re sick. A player is the one who will be way too busy to see you when you’re sick because it won’t be any fun for him.

A Good Woman is the one who will hand-deliver chicken soup when you’re sick. An Entitlement Bitch is the one who will stand around moaning that “you men are so pathetic when you’re ill, it’s like the end of the world, get up you lazy sod.”

A prince will romance you slowly, bringing you a single flower or bouquet when the time is right, sending a romantic card, or going someplace fancy for dinner to celebrate something special. A player will romance you in a blaze of extravagance — with dozens of the most expensive bouquets “just because,” going to the most expensive restaurants from the beginning, and other similar extravagances. He’s basically looking for a quick payoff.

A Good Woman will not “demand” you romance her or bring her endless flowers and gifts, and furthermore she will not equate “romance” with material gifts. An Entitlement Bitch will insist on romantic gestures just because she feels she’s worth it, and how romantic the gesture depends on how much you’ve spent.

The sad thing is that these sort of MSN articles about what women deserve from men – which are reworded and repeated endlessly all over the various forms of media – simply turn women into Entitlement Bitches.

It’s fair enough if women want to talk about what they want from relationships, but – aside from the hypocrisy that us men are absolute sexist chauvinistic bastards for talking about what we want from a relationship – the sad thing is, it’s the “player” rather than the “prince” who will end up getting the woman into bed. I don’t have anytime for so-called “players” – they’re really manginas in a different form, eager to please women and relying on women’s approval for their ego boost – but it’s hardly surprising that many guys adopt selfish and manipulative tactics to get sex when those who do all the prince-things will rarely get a look in with today’s “empowered” women. At least not until Miss Empowered Career Girl/Single Mother decides that, now players and thugs are no longer interested in her (or her rabble of illegitimate brats) it’s time to find a prince.

Or, rather, it’s time to demand a prince!

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