Cloned women


05 March 2006

These days women seem to be absurdly identical in terms of interests.

With us men you get all varieties of interests, attitudes and quirks.

There are men who are obsessed with sport, ones who are bibliophiles who are always reading. There are computer geeks and trainspotters, video-game junkies and fitness fanatics, chilled out hippies and hyperactive workaholics. There are guys into photography, guys into making models of skyscrapers out of matchsticks, guys who spend all their time tinkering about with their cars and others who love fishing and hunting.

I once knew a guy who had a deep interest in words, and as well as speaking four languages he used to read dictionaries! He would just sit there reading a dictionary as if it were a novel, primarily so he could learn obscure and long words that he could throw into conversations to annoy people.

There are also guys into martial arts, whether that means taking part in it or watching Chuck Norris movies. There are some men who can’t sit still and some who rarely get off the couch. There are guys who spend all their time chasing after women and guys who wonder what all the fuss about women is and prefer to have a quiet night in. Guys who are spiritual, whether that means sitting on a hill contemplating life, the universe and everything or standing on street corners, angrily telling passers-by they’ll go to hell if they don’t believe in something or other.

Then, of course, there are male-feminists.

Us men come in all types and varieties.

Then there are women, who all seem to like shopping and television.

There might be the occasional woman with individuality, but not many, so it seems to me anyway. I dated four women last year; quite a varied bunch in terms of background and occupation – a student, a charity worker, a nurse and a photographer. Yet they all seemed the same, all chattering constantly about shopping and television and shopping. Two of them, on the first date, both boasted of how high their credit card debts were! Um…yeah, that makes me want to have a long-term relationship with you. It was like dating the same woman, albeit with a different physical appearance each time.

It’s not just these either; women at my workplace are all seemingly alike too. They just like shopping and talk about TV. There’s very little individuality. They all like the exact same television programmes too.

It’s like women are part of some big hive mind, or produced on a cloning conveyor belt.

Yet they have the nerve to huff “You men, you’re all the same!”

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