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02 March 2006

Why pay women workers less? Because we can by Mary Ann Sieghart in the Times is a typical whiny pile of narcissistic excuse-making tosh about the supposed pay-gap.

I decided to e-mail her for a laugh:


You made a mistake in your headline.

It should be:

“Why do women earn less? Because they can.”

It’s all about women’s choices. Choose babies or a high-flying career. One or the other. Have babies and be prepared to stop climbing the career ladder, or be a high-fling executive childless spinster. Most women choose the former option because they often have a husband to earn the bulk of the family income, or they scrounge off the state in the case of the millions of single mothers.

If you think it’s unfair women have to choose between them, tough, that’s the way life is and at least women get a choice. All men have is: work. If I found one of the half-dozen women in the world who would be content to be the primary breadwinner then I’d happily go part-time too. However, although women love to have careers and salaries and fancy job-titles, the idea of supporting a man horrifies them.

Furthermore, why is it that we are always told that the majority of women want a career and we should be wailing with empathic despair that the poor darlings usually end up as housewives and mothers? Although many women under 25 are often enthusiastic about work (usually because the reality of how tedious working really is hasn’t set in yet) I’ve never met a woman over 25 who loved her job and didn’t constantly moan that she wanted to get married and have kids and get the hell out of the office. Thanks to feminism requiring massive subsiding of what we laughably call women’s “independence” in the form of paid maternity leave, flexible working hours, not to mention the bloated welfare state which only expanded because of single mothers, it is impossible for an average man to support a wife and kids. So women have no choice to work. In Denmark, 90% of mothers work. They have no choice because taxes are so high a single income is not enough for families. That’s great for career girls but not for the majority of women who don’t like spending their life in an office whilst their kids are raised by strangers.

The idea of pushing women into the workplace being “good for children” is utter rot too. Anyone who thinks kids should be raised by strangers in crummy daycare centres whilst mummy is playing career girl either hates children or is a “no-brainer” herself.

Yours cluebattingly;

Duncan Idaho

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