“Earn more to pay more to your ex-wife, or else!”


07 March 2006

Divorced father told to earn more

A DOCTOR who quit his high-paying job for a quieter life after his marriage ended has been ordered to continue paying a high level of child support because he has the “potential” to earn more money. The divorced 48-year-old GP, who cannot be identified, was earning around $320,000 a year at his 24-hour surgery before he and his wife split.

The stress of the relationship ending caused him to seek a sea change, quitting his role at the surgery and taking up a part-time position at a family medical centre, being paid around $40,000 a year.

But a Child Support Agency case officer ruled the doctor’s drop in income was due to a “lifestyle choice” and ordered him to maintain yearly payments of $18,700, including the bulk of a $4000 sum for private school tuition.

It is beyond belief sometimes how amoral women can be, and how repulsively eager Western Governments can be to help them steal men’s earnings. I bet the guy’s bitch of an ex-wife is laughing her head off as she sits back, not having to work and happy that the government is obliging her ex-husband back into a higher-earning and higher-stress job to keep her as a lady of leisure.

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