Female pedophiles


18 February 2006


The feminist-infected BBC – who normally promote the idea that women can do no wrong – produced a Panorama documentary back in 1997 titled The Sexual Abuse by Women of Children and Teenagers. I never saw it unfortunately, but I had heard about the programme from a few people, including someone who had worked at the BBC at the time and said that feminist groups sent in a tonne of angry complaint letters because the documentary “demonized women” (and what the fuck have feminists been doing to us men all these years apart from demonize us?)

Fortunately, for those of us who didn’t catch it all those years ago, menweb.org has a full transcript of the programme. Featuring interviews with abusers and their victims, it’s not a pleasant read, especially the part at the beginning where a woman talks about the time she violently raped a 12-year-old boy before throwing him off of a railway bridge:

…I were feeling aroused. He was crying, shouting for his mum, he wanted to go home.

One thing that does bother me is the way the BBC shows it’s anti-male bias early when it says women who abuse children “are breaking a taboo.” They’re not breaking a taboo, they’re breaking the fucking law! After all, we don’t say a man who rapes children is “breaking a taboo” do we? We say he’s an arsehole and throw him in prison. Yet women who abuse children are said to be just “breaking a taboo”, as if it’s just some sort of scandalous act of minor mischief for the tabloids to snigger over.

The programme also allows the abusers to trot forth their excuses, usually unsubstantiated claims that they were abused themselves (and even if they were abused, so what? Many male child abusers were sexually abused themselves but we don’t let them off the hook.)

However, it is still amazing the BBC ever put on such a programme that dared question the idea the feminist belief that women never abuse anyone.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:18 PM

At 8:52 PM, Donald (white protestant hetrosexual male) said…

Excellent truths on this web page. Such things and much else need mass media exposure but are being thoroughly censored out.

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