Fetuses pissed up on booze


21 February 2006


Drug limits foetal alcohol damage

A drug may be able to reduce the damage caused to babies whose mothers drink heavily during pregnancy.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) – for which there is no current treatment – is associated with problems such as abnormal growth and mental retardation.

A team at Cornell University in the US found a drug called nicotinamide helped protect mice from FAS.

FAS is the most common cause of non-genetic mental retardation in the Western world.

Great, so now women can get smashed out their faces without feeling guilty then? Something they have evidently been doing a great deal if this Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is so prevalent in Western Countries.

They also stress that public health strategies should continue to focus on dissuading women from drinking during pregnancy.

Fair enough, but I doubt if they’ll listen.

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