Government to men: “Stop raping women!”


07 March 2006

New warning to men over consent to sex

Young men need to be sure that a woman has consented to sex to avoid being accused of rape, a new campaign by the Home Office is set to warn.

Well yeah, believe it or not, Home Office morons, most of us men aren’t actually rapists. Most men do actually make sure a woman is consenting when we get it on. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Note how they try to make it out that they’re doing us a favour by saying they want to help stop us men from being accused of rape. If they want to help us avoid such accusations, how about altering the law so that we can only be accused of rape if there is some actual evidence rather than just the say-so of some woman.

“Giving consent is active not passive, and it’s up to everyone to make sure that their partner agrees to sexual activity,” she [a Home Office spokesbird] said.

That I can understand. If a woman doesn’t agree to sex then a guy shouldn’t fuck her. Fair enough of course. However, what is difficult for us men to do is to make sure the woman isn’t going to change her mind the morning after consenting to sex, or a week later, or the next year, because she regrets it, and decides to claim she was drunk and therefore raped.

The campaign will begin with two radio advertisements, followed on March 20 with magazine advertisements and posters in men’s washrooms in urban pubs and clubs, the spokeswoman said.

Thanks. Thank you so much British government for putting up these signs and posters that take the viewpoint that us men are all rapists by default. Thank you for adopting the same demented beliefs of radical deranged feminists as government policy and making it fucking clear that you, the British government, are the enemy of all males.

Solicitor General Mike O’Brien said the Home Office was also considering a change in the rape laws to require juries to decide whether a woman who had consumed alcohol was too drunk to give her consent.

This whole crap is because a supposed rape case was justly thrown out when the “victim” admitted she was too smashed out of her skull to know whether she had consented. Also, feminists are annoyed that not enough false rape claims lead to a convictions.

So in other words, if these proposed changes go ahead, if a woman who claims she was raped admits she was too drunk to remember whether she consented, or if she even admits she consented but claims “well, I was a bit drunk so I obviously was not in a position to give proper consent” then, instead of the case being thrown out a jury will decide whether it was rape. So if man who picks up (or even is picked up by) a tipsy woman and has consensual sex with her, and she changes her mind after the event, whether he will go free or receive up to life imprisonment will be decided by a jury based on nothing more than who they believe; a sobbing woman or a man who has no doubt been portrayed by the prosecution as a vile fiend. Most will invariably believe the woman. After all, our society doesn’t accept than women can lie after all.

What is most despicable about this ad campaign is that it will cost £500,000. That could pay the salaries of seven or eight doctors or dentists, or the salaries of about twenty nurses, or renovate a couple of crumbling schools…but instead the government is going to spend it on telling us men we’re rapists if we fuck a woman who consents but later admits she was too drunk too consent.

I’d be willing to tolerate this if there was a parallel campaign telling women they should avoid getting drunk to avoid getting getting into a state whereby they would be unable to give proper consent to sex…but that would never happen. Women are never held responsible for their actions these days.

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