“How dare you fail to kill both my brats!”


20 March 2006

Hearing for abortion bid mother

Hospital bosses are attempting to have a damages bid from a woman who gave birth following an abortion thrown out.

Stacy Dow launched the £250,000 civil claim against the NHS to pay for the twin who survived the procedure at Perth Royal Infirmary.

Well that’s just fucking charming, not only did this skanky slut get pregnant at 16 and decide on a bit of retroactive birth-control by having the twin babies she was carrying killed, but because one baby annoyingly survived she wants £250,000 of taxpayers money compensation!

Here’s an idea.

The judge overhearing the case can hand her a bucket of water and say:

“Here you are, drown your surviving kid in this and your problem is solved at no cost to taxpayers. Great eh? Oh, what’s that? It’s barbaric to kill your children? Why, yes it is a bit, isn’t it? Sorry, what happened to this kid’s twin? Didn’t you have something done to it? Why the change of heart regarding infanticide? Ah, I see, it’s the sniff of compensation isn’t it? Greedy skank, fuck off, case dismissed.”

How bad will that kid feel knowing that her mother was so upset she survived being killed in the womb that she went to sue the National Health Service, happy to attempt to deprive the over-stretched NHS of yet more funds. Not to mention the misery of knowing she could have had a twin but mummy killed it.

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