Liberal Democrat woman ‘marries’ woman


23 February 2006

Lib Dem MSP announces gay wedding


A Liberal Democrat is to become the first MSP [Member of the Scottish Parliment] to enter a civil partnership, it has been confirmed.

Margaret Smith, 45, MSP for Edinburgh West, will register her relationship with Suzanne Main next month.

This is the sort of politician we have helping to run the UK nowadays. We used to have great and proud figures like Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli and Margaret Thatcher; now we have ugly old liberal lesbians.

Mother-of-two Ms Smith split from her husband in 2000 and later announced that she had a female partner.

Thanks to political correctness it would be impossible for anyone in the public eye to state the truth that this woman is clearly not fit to be involved in running a country; she selfishly ditched her husband for a woman, despite the humiliation and despair this will cause her poor kids.

I dare say she has custody of the kids, assuming they are still minors, even though she is evidently unfit to be a mother.

I hope she and her rug-munching companion are very unhappy together.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:57 PM


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