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27 March 2006

Drink-driver, 14, in court fracas

A 14-year-old drink-driver punched a prosecutor and threw a jug of water at magistrates as she was jailed.


The court heard that on the night of 13 February, [Leanne] Black drank three cans of lager and then stole her father’s car keys before driving off in his car to her sister Lilly’s house.


Screaming obscenities, she kicked over a chair and punched prosecutor Lesley Gilmore in the back.

She also hurled a jug of water at the three magistrates before being bundled from the courtroom by security guards.

Charming girl.

These are the sort of ferocious teenage girls we have more and more in Britain. No doubt feminists would refer to them as “empowered” and/or victims of the patriarchy.

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