More misandrist legal changes in ‘rape’ laws


29 March 2006

Rape-victim video plan for trials

These plans for videos are just a whole range of new options to “raise the rape conviction rate.”

However, this a deliberately misworded ploy. If no rape takes place – i.e. the woman consented but simply retracted consent after the event – then it isn’t a case of a lost rape conviction. No rape took place.

Likewise, if it is concluded a woman consented to sex at a time then she is not a “rape victim.”

Some legal mangina cunt said “An awful lot of people who are committing rapes are getting away with it,” because the number of rape accusations are rising out of proportion to the number of convictions.

No, fuckface, an awful lot men are being accused of ‘rape’ and are being found not guilty of rape because there was nothing to disprove the fact that the woman consented at the time, and so no fucking ‘rape’ took place. In fact you’d be better off saying that an awful lot of women are falsely accusing men and not winning their cases. Women can get £70,000 victim support compensation for being raped; that’s half the price of a house. No wonder they’re so keen to cry rape.

Obviously if a woman is genuinely raped – i.e. she never consented in any way – and the rapist is not caught or convicted, then someone has gotten away with rape, sure, but if the woman consented at the time and merely regretted afterwards then a rape never took place. Therefore, no-one has gotten away with it. Silly Solicitor.

Under the proposals, a psychologist or counsellor would also be called to explain [to the jury] that delays in reporting rape allegations are not unusual because victims can be traumatised.

Psychology and counselling are overrun with feminists. This means you’ll have some femtard with a Phd in Womyn’s Psychology spouting forth various excuses as to why a woman didn’t come forward about being raped for so long. Surely if you suffer a traumatizing rape you report it immediately. A delay of weeks reporting a rape is surely suspicious. It’s an attempt to try and excuse women who delay crying rape because it takes a while for them to realise the guy they had a drunken fling with isn’t going to call them or leave his girlfriend for them and so it’s revenge-rape-accusation time.

Plans to allow expert witnesses to testify about the trauma suffered by rape victims have also been unveiled.

What the fuck has that got to do with anything? In a court, when determining guilt or innocence, it doesn’t matter how traumatic a crime is, it’s whether the defendant committed it that counts. Finding that out requires facts, not emotions. Of course, this is exactly the point; our courts are being further feminized by shouldering things like facts and evidence out of the way – primarily in cases involving men accused of crimes against women – and replacing them with emotions. A man’s guilt or innocence are more and more about how the woman feels, just like the way you are guilty of sexually harassing a woman – not by what you say or do – but by what she feels about whatever your said or did. Or even if it’s something you didn’t say or do.

Perhaps, if a man is found not-guilty of rape, the woman who falsely accused him could stand trial, and expert witnesses could take the stand and talk of the horror and trauma of being falsely labelled a rapist? Yeah, like that would happen! I think I’ve only ever heard of one case of a woman being convicted of making a false and malicious rape accusation.

Of course, rape is surely a terrible crime in genuine cases, and a guy is obviously a rapist if he fucks a drunken woman who either doesn’t consent beforehand or is truly too intoxicated to consent ( whereby she is so smashed out of her face she is virtually unable to walk or talk.) But the whole scenario of trying to boost rape convictions by making men guilty until proven innocent – and making it harder for them to do that! – and putting their heads in the sand about false accusations and the idea of women crying rape because they merely regret sex, is simply yet another reason why Britain is becoming more and more of a shitty feminized matriarchy.

Seriously, if you are a guy in Britain and you fuck a slightly tipsy woman, and she regrets it in the morning, you will be charged, you will stand trial, a soon it’ll be the case that a barrage of expert witnesses will wipe out every possible defence you have and to excuse every clue that your accuser is lying, and another legion of expert witnesses will try and sway the jury by presenting the ‘victim’s trauma’ as ‘evidence’ of your supposed guilt.

You will be fucked. You will be a man accused of a crime against a woman, and any attempt to defend yourself will make you additionally guilty of misogyny.

It’ll be funny – in a nihilistic let’s-laugh-as-society-crumbles kinda way – to see how this eventually effects relationships between men and women, or at least with regards to what passes for relationships these days. Most sexual encounters occur after a night out and after drinks, and the main reason for men and women chatting each other up and flirting is for sex, at some point or another. In fact, for many men, the reason for going out at night for a few drinks is to pick up a woman for sex.

With the government telling us men we’re filthy rapists if we don’t get those most ambiguous of people – women – to formally and unambiguously prove their consent to sex after they’ve had a few drinks, and the plans to increase the convictions of men accused of rape no doubt set to work, we’ll have more men realising how risky it will be to take a merry frisky lady to bed. Just one guy convicted of rape after such an originally-consensual fuck will send shockwaves throughout all of his male relatives and mates. Guys will start to panic. Avoiding women will be the safest option.

Rug-munching men-hating Marxist feminists will want this of course, but not normal women, who will really be fucked. Or, rather, not very fucked.

We’ll soon have women tart themselves up for a night on the town, making themselves look gorgeous and looking forward to all those guys buying them drinks and complimenting their looks…only to get to the nightclub to find that the men there don’t really want to talk or flirt with them, or indeed the place is just empty of men completely.

Nothing like feminists and their legal/political lackey scum to ruin male/female relationships.

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