More women realising feminism was shit


06 March 2006

Starved of love

But why should today’s man “commit”? Crudely, what precipitated men into marriage, pre-revolution, was the desire for sex, otherwise denied to them. Now that they can have it anyway, what does marriage hold? A working wife, too tired for sex, no time to cook, who puts the children first, requires you to do the washing and allows no peace in front of the TV when the football is on? Would you “commit” if you were a man?

Quite a bit of shaming language cropping up here and there in this article by Fay Weldon, as well as some alarming lack of logic (especially in the final paragraph), undeserved pity for her fellow women and an inability to go all the way and denounce feminism completely (she still thinks it’s great there are ‘new men’ around), but on the whole it’s an interesting read.

More signs the ideology of feminism is getting it’s arse kicked.

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