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15 March 2006

Mother admits smothering her baby

A young woman has admitted smothering her newborn son at her parent’s home in Moray [Scotland] last year.

So she’ll be dealt with harshly and banged up for a good decade or two, right?

Ms Grahame said West was found to suffer from a number of problems such as “avoidant personality disorder”, anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks.

The Crown accepted that West’s ability to control her actions was “substantially impaired” at the time of the killing and this was why she faced a charge of culpable homicide, Ms Grahame said.

Oh well, maybe not. She’s been allowed out on bail and culpable homicide carries an average sentence of five-years or so.

As I’ve commented before, it’s strange how women insist they are as rational as men and more nurturing and caring, yet quickly declare they’re over-emotional simpletons when they’re accused of a crime simply to get out of responsibility for it.

Still, if the horror of an unplanned pregnancy was so great that it lead to infanticide, this nutcase woman will surely try to avoid getting pregnant again, won’t she?

…she may be pregnant two months after starting a relationship with a man who lived locally.

Oh well, maybe not.

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