Promise to be good


12 March 2006

Will you sign the good citizen pledge?

MANCHESTER is to become the first city in Britain to ask all residents to sign up to “good citizen” contracts.

The agreements would start as voluntary but over time would become part of formal contracts, covering things like tenancies and truancy – with penalties for those who break the terms.

This is the sort of annoying, pointless and patronizing shit we have to put up with here in the UK, a load of (Labour) councillors coming up with ideas like this. What a waste of money.

Do they really think it’ll make a difference? Do they really think that scallies are going to be conversing thusly:

Scally 1: Hey, let’s go and nick a car, speed around then burn it out.
Scally 2: Good idea…oh, hang on, I’ve signed a good citizenship pledge. Stealing and burning things would break that pledge. I’m afraid I shall have to stay in and do my homework.

As well being more at home in a communist dictatorship, I don’t like the implication these pledges give, that we’re all potentially bad citizens if we don’t sign up.

That’s how little trust our leaders have for us, they want us to formally put it in writing that we promise to be good.

If I get one of these pledges I’ll wipe my arse on it and post it back.

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