Refugees from the Matriarchy


25 March 2006

The Man Shortage

Where, asked these Baby Boom women, were all the men? I could have told them, of course, where the men were and are, but being already in possession of all correct wisdom — not to mention Incarnated Goddesses — no female ever bothered to ask me. To date, not one has. What could I know? I am, after all, only a male.

The men – what’s left of them — are in hiding, of course. That’s what any refugee population does when war is made on it, and its homeland is laid to Waste. Sister, understand: only the weakest of males serve the totalitarianism of gynocracy. No real man, confronting his betrayal by American culture and femininity, will teach in your schools, for the lessons are false, and he knows he is conditioning more kids – especially more boys – into further betrayals. No real man will drone in your corporations, corrupt collectivities hiding behind the stained skirts of “market forces.”

This superb article was linked to on a number of anti-feminism forums a while back but its worth reading if you’ve not seen it yet.

And if you have seen it already, its worth reading again.

Although it primarily talks of what’s happening in America, as always it applies to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc, as well.

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