Shock! Court rules a man has reproductive rights!


07 March 2006

Woman loses frozen embryos fight

A woman left infertile after cancer treatment cannot use her frozen embryos to have a baby, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

Natallie Evans started IVF treatment with her then partner Howard Johnston in 2001 but he withdrew consent for the embryos to be used after they split up.

Some good news for once.

What a selfish woman, thinking that she can just ignore the removal of consent her former partner gave.

The fact that she became infertile through cancer treatment may have compelled me to feel some sympathy for her, but not on the basis of her selfishness. She was quite prepared to have a bastard child and raise him/her without a father, and did not care how messed up the child would be to find out his or her father did not want them to be born in the first place and mummy dearest went against his wishes.

It almost goes without saying she would have nailed him for Child Support had she been allowed to go ahead with it.

Her former boyfriend said:

“The key thing for me was just to be able to decide when, and if, I would start a family.”

Good on him. That’s the exact point; it’s about his choice who to have kids with and when, not the woman’s.

She may have been deprived of her right to have kids, but so have many men whose babies have been aborted by women or, have had kids but who have subsequently been stolen from them by their wives during divorces, both scenarios being aided and abetted by governments.

I’m not too sure if this judgement will stand though. Legislation and judicial precedents have a tendency to be over-turned and scrapped if they upset women. After all, this woman managed to have two kids using sperm taken from her husband even though he hadn’t given written consent, and was unable to ever give written consent because he’s dead! He’s even named as the father on the birth certificates even though he was six-feet-under when the children were conceived. I guess his only consolation is that at least the CSA can’t wring some money out of him, although I dare say they’d probably try.

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