Sympathy for murderous woman


11 March 2006

In a fit of “extreme spite, bitterness, a jealous rage”, a woman “deliberately” rammed a big bastard knife into the chest and heart of a young man after he attempted to disarm her when she threatened to cut herself. The man, a Royal Marine, died from his injuries.

So what does the judge say to the woman? Do you think he was harsh or sympathetic? Bear in mind, friend readers, that the defendant – who admitted the killing – has a vagina, and also managed to turn on the waterworks at the trial.

That’s right, the judge was very sympathetic towards her, saying “there is no reason to think you meant to kill him” and although he was obliged to give her life, the judge said she’ll be able to get out in less than eight-years from now.

Quite amazing she got any time at all, especially as she’s a single mother. If a man was convicted of killing a woman in similar circumstances the judge would not doubt condemn him as calculating and evil then throw away the key.

Here’s the story.

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