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26 March 2006


Feminists constantly demand that women (in particular mothers) should have a good “work/life balance”, invariably meaning they want to be able to have full-time wages without doing full-time work.

There are a number of women who set up their own small businesses to allow them such flexibility, but unfortunately many would rather just get men to pick up the slack. This is why modern women, despite their boasts of being independent and superior, do not bother to set up big businesses and only employ women then dish out maternity leave, career breaks and flexi-time; such a company would go bankrupt. They would rather force an established company to give such entitlements and have the male employees cover for those women who want to leave early to make the school run or who want to take some nice long maternity leave.

What I propose is that us men should also sort out a work/life balance.

It doesn’t necessarily entail taking a vow of poverty. However, the primary motivation us men have for earning as much as possible is to attract women and support a wife and kids. Given that most women are not worth marrying these days and divorce laws mean a wife can take everything you’ve earned and take what you will earn in the future, why fucking bother? To hell with it. What do you need a big house for if you live on your own? Why bother getting a flashy sports car for £50,000 when one for a fifth of the price will get you about just as well? Why bother spending a weeks wages on a designer shirt when one for a fiver will do? If you really want a tonne of material possessions, then fair enough, go for it; but if you only ever wanted a load of useless expensive items to impress women, and have decided to not bother with marriage and relationships and all that shit, then you don’t need such expensive items.


Which means you don’t have to slave yourself into an early grave working to earn the money to buy them.

Furthermore, the more you earn, the more the government will steal from you to fund the matriarchy. It’ll go to single mothers, illegal immigrants and funding hairbrained schemes by feminist politicians. Fuck that.

Single mothers on benefits are often better off than single men who work full-time. If the government won’t reward us for being productive then we’ll stop being productive.

This is certainly my attitude. I work an easy job in an office. I could try a lot harder and earn a lot more, but I can’t be arsed. I could work a lot of overtime, or perhaps do some unpaid overtime and take on more responsibility in order to get a promotion. Or I could do a training course in my own time and maybe get a new job with more responsibility and more pay. Or maybe I could get a loan and start my own business and get nice and rich.

But why bother? I earn enough to get by, to cover the rent of my cosy little home, pay the bills, and cover some luxuries. That’s all I need and all I want. Why fucking bother with all that work and responsibility in order to attract a wife when marriage confers no benefits but a shitload of responsibility and risk on to men? Why bother trying to impress women when they’re not worth impressing? Besides, if you try to attract women by flashing cash about, what sort of women do you think you’ll get? That’s right, fucking golddiggers.

This attitude won’t please women of course. For starters they want us men to slave away full-time to cover for them on their maternity leave and career breaks, or to do evening shifts that they refuse to do so that they can have their work/life balance. Furthermore they want us to continue to be “eligible” (i.e. wealthy) so we can support them when, having suckered us down the aisle, they can quit their boring careers and live off of our earnings. It’ll piss them off mightily if us guys just start cutting back on work.

I was asked to overtime today (Sunday) and if I was obsessed with the idea of getting enough money to attract a woman, or if I was married and had to support a housewife and possibly kids, I’d be obliged to take it. This is obviously not the case however. Being a merry bachelor on the Marriage Strike, I turned it down. Work on a Sunday? Fuck that. Instead, having been up all night playing The Godfather game, I woke up at one in the afternoon today and am now considering a bit of a lie down after the strenuous activity of munching bacon rolls whilst surfing the internet.

As I say, there’s nothing wrong with working hard to buy yourself whatever you desire, but it is worth stopping to think whether it would really be to your benefit. Us men are conditioned to feel compelled to work hard and be providers; it’s time to break that conditioning. Women have made a big deal of how they will not cook or clean or do any of that “oppressive” housework for us men, so it’s time for us men to do something similar and make it clear we will not do any of that “providing” crap. Besides, if women are so superior than us men, so much organised and better at multi-tasking or whatever else they boast, then fine, they can work and run the economy whilst us men stay at home playing video games. I’m not advocating us men should reject ambition either; you can have plenty of ambitions, aims and dreams. Just don’t bother with ones that revolve around owning vast amounts of possessions you don’t need.

So ensure you get your work/life balance sorted gentlemen.

Actually, us men shouldn’t refer to it as “work/life balance.” That’s just typical womanspeak; selfish entitlement dressed up in a snotty euphemism.

Instead, when us men cut back on work to ensure we don’t spend our lives slaving away pointlessly, we should refer to it as simply “taking it easy.” It’s a more honest declaration.

So take it easy guys.


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I will.


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