Temp work; women are the real victims!


25 February 2006

Temp work ‘harms women’s health’

Women in temp jobs are more likely than men in similar posts to have their employment terminated if they are often off sick, a study has found.


…temp workers who had the highest sick leave rates were at the highest risk of unemployment three years later.

That’s obvious. Workers who are frequently off sick are generally fired. That’s how the world of work operates; if workers don’t turn up regularly their boss fires them and gets someone who will turn up and do the job. It’s also well known women take far more sick days than men.

“High absence among young temporary women puts them at an even greater risk of job loss and consequent unemployment.”

“Oh no! The poor darlings. Quick, we must impliment a law that will allow women to take vast amounts of time off without fear of getting fired! How dare the evil Patriarchal bosses expect women to actually come to work regularly!”

For fucks sake. Only a demographic as pampered as Western Women could receive sympathy for being fired for not turning up to work.

“The findings that women in this study were particularly vulnerable is a concern.”

Well yes, obviously it’s a concern. It’s women after all. Almighty Holy God-Be-Praised Women, without whom the world be dark as it would be deprived of the sunshine blazing from their arses.

If this study showed it was men who were particularly vulnerable, however, then there would be no concern. No-one would give a shit.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:59 AM
At 4:03 PM, Anonymous said…

Yeah if the study found that men were been fired more often because they took sick leave more it would be used as a means to show how lazy men are and how hard working women really are and how much they deserve to be in the work place and be promoted to top managements position and bla bla bla…. AAAAAAHHHHH somebody get me a shotgun i feel like going on a killing spree


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