The paradox of feminism

22 February 2006

Feminism is an ideology that disproves itself.

Its fundamental beliefs, which direct its whole rambling ideology, are that women are superior to men, and that the world is better off in women’s hands.

Yet the childish stupidity found in feminism’s half-baked, absurd and often contradictory “arguments” (if they can be called that), the fact that women bought into feminism wholesale despite it clearly being against their primary desires and instincts, the fact that many women still buy into it despite how much misery it has caused them, and the enormous mess we’re in thanks to feminism, all indicate that, in actual fact, the majority of women are rather silly and illogical, and so should probably be kept well away from voting booths.

Feminism is a meritless and incoherent system of non-logic that only people too stupid and immature to be allowed to have too much responsibility in this world could possible conceive or follow…and it was conceived by women. It was women who followed it – and still do – in their millions.

Therefore feminism – both intrinsically and by its popularity with two generations of females (and counting) – disproves its own fundamental beliefs.

The truth of an ideology rests upon its beliefs, and indeed it could be said that ideologies are their beliefs.

Therefore, feminism disproves itself.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:06 PM

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