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09 March 2006

20 Things We Love to Hate About Builders


Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister are joined by Caprice, Linda Barker, Tommy Walsh, Handy Andy, Vanessa Feltz and a host of other celebrities and real-life builders to count down the 20 things we love to hate about builders. The dreaded quote, the white van, the horrendous mess, the wolf-whistle, the way they insist on being paid in cash and bodge jobs all make our list of shame. But what is the one thing that bugs us the most?

Aside from showing how crap British television is these days, this sad excuse of a television programme conveniently decides to pick on a male dominated profession.

Do you think there will be a similar programme about a female dominated profession?

* 20 Things We Love to Hate About Secretaries
* 20 Things We Love to Hate About Supermarket Cashiers
* 20,000 Things We Love to Hate About Womyn’s Studies Lecturers

Somehow I can’t imagine it.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:40 PM

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous said…

If they really hate builders, then why not just build their own homes? I thought women didn’t need men? It’s not like we’d all be living in wooden huts if we left the building to the women, right? I mean, all the homes, restaurants, schools, skyscrapers, office buildings, etc were all built by women, right? Oh wait…


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