Women are paid less than men. Yawn!


27 February 2006

Women paid less than men, blah blah

A “massive amount of work” remains to be done to close the pay gap between men and women, Tony Blair has said.

Yeah, a massive amount of work by women. Do the same hours as men,work as hard and don’t fuck off on big career breaks and you can earn as much as men.

Oh, wait, women don’t want that. They want flexi-time, less hours, long maternity leave, more positive discrimination…all at the expense of men.

I won’t even bother going through all the reasons why women are justly paid less on average, these have been repeated time and time again.

Also note that this report of women being paid 17% less than men was by the Women and Work Commission.


So that’s really going to be objective, isn’t it?

I mean, seriously, does anyone expect such a group of feminists to come up with a report saying that everything is fine, that women may earn less but that’s because they work less? Of course not. These bitches make a living out of scaremongering to wring money out of taxpayers for their schemes. They’ll all be out of a job if they admit there’s no such thing as a massive conspiracy to keep women down.

This is what Tony Blair had to blither when this pile of putrid feminist propaganda landed on his desk:

“All the evidence is that girls are performing extremely well at school”, he said.

That’s because it’s easy for the worthless trash that pass for teachers these days to humiliate, drug, shame and generally nag boys into submission than it is for women to do the same to men when they’re out in the workforce.

“But from school through to the workplace, what the report shows is that we are wasting far too much talent.”

What talent? Seriously…what fucking talent? What do women mostly do in the workforce? Stupid pink-collar jobs, human resources, public relations and other such nonsense. Yeah, we’re really losing out on a cure for cancer by not having an extra million women sitting at desks filing their nails and doing stupid clerical work.

Furthermore, this completely ignores the fact that being a housewife and mother is a”talent” and a thoroughly valuable one as well. Our population is declining and it would be nice to have women show a bit of talent in staying at home and having several children, something women invariably do want but only when they’re in their 30s and the ticking biological clock and tediousness of work finally overrides the feminist propaganda they’ve imbibed since their youth. By which time it’s usually too late. My sister quit her job at 25 after having her first child and only works part-time; most of her time is spent looking after the kids, cooking meals and being a devoted domestic Goddess to her husband. To me, she’s far more talented than some childless spinster with a stupid degree in Communications or Womyn’s Studies who does some crappy Human Resources or PR job.

And when women do get proper and worthwhile jobs they invariably quit in their in their 30s by choice.

The CBI’s John Cridland, a commission member, said women were paid less because the UK’s education system “completely fails” to alert schoolgirls to the fact that their choices will determine what they earn.

Er…what fucking planet do these halfwits live on? At school girls are championed by teachers whilst boys are sneered at. No teacher I had ever suggested girls might consider being housewives or mothers. Girls are encouraged to get careers and nothing else. This is why you end up with sad old career spinsters like the one mentioned in the post Woes of a Childless Spinster.

“Right the way through employment – from manual work to the City – women are not getting the support they need from such basic things as lavatories to a supportive company culture,” said ATL general secretary Dr Mary Bousted.

Hmmm, that’s funny, every office I’ve worked at had a Ladies room. Evidently a majority of workplaces have no women’s toilets and career women are pissing in the street all across the country, but I’ve just not noticed it. And as for there not being a “supportive company culture”…what the fuck is that supposed to mean? It’s just a load of vague rubbish spouted forth by feminists in an endless attempt to excuse women’s failings.

“Society as a whole needs to provide girls with more, strong female role models.”

How about strong housewives and mothers, ones who raise several kids and run a loving home? Oh, wait, they only mean role models that fit the feminist idea of a strong woman, namely miserable childless spinsters who die alone.

How about some strong male role models instead, as seen as feminism has removed fathers from so many families and removed most men from teaching.

“It’s outrageous that when a woman is as bright, qualified and productive as a man that she should ever be paid less.”

Yes, it is, I agree, but if that woman doesn’t want to work evenings or weekends because she wants to be with her kids, or takes long career breaks to have children or just doesn’t do the work because she is always gossiping round the water-cooler, then she should damn well be paid less.

Ending job segregation would benefit the economy by as much as £23bn, it added.

This figure has just been plucked out of the air, but even if it somehow was true, that figure would be completely negated by the amount of money require to subsidise women’s independence. Child-care alone now costs £5.5billion a year; that’s about £130 for every adult in Britain. As they force more women into the workplace this figure will rise and rise. Then there’s paid maternity leave due to rise from six to twelve-months. Sexual harassment lawsuits that run into the millions. Etc etc. All this will largely negate any contribution they supposedly make to the economy with their shitty Pink Collar jobs.

Furthermore, this sort of report doesn’t take into account choices. Women choose to cut down on work or abandon it all together. At my workplace there are plenty of young women who are all determined to focus on their careers and are justly earning the same as young men, but it’s hard to find a woman in her late-twenties or older who doesn’t endlessly bitch about her job and, if she’s not yet married, whines about wanting a husband so she can quit work. Feminists are soulless old hags who hate men and children and they assume all women are like this, meaning the scum who come up with this sort of report cannot understand women quitting the workforce to raise kids. They assume it’s obviously some sort of Patriarchal conspiracy.

In the television report I saw of this story there was an interview with some woman explaining how “there need to be more incentives to get women back into the workplace.”

Incentives? Incentives? What do you think wages are you stupid bitch. You go to work, you get paid. Simple as that. Now, women want to get paid and then get more bonus money on top of that, more subsidised crap to make their lives easier…they want everything.

Finally, it is known that women in the UK control 48% of the nation’s wealth and this is rising all the time. If they’re paid so little, why is this so?

Simple. Unlike men, women have the opportunity to get their greedy little mitts on money they don’t earn, whether by marrying into it and/or divorcing into it.

At my workplace there’s a married woman with a couple of kids who is younger than me, does an easier job, works fewer hours and has less responsibility than me. Consequently she is rightly paid quite a bit less. However, whilst I rent a one-bedroom apartment and go to work on the bus, this woman – despite earning only about 60% of what I do – jointly owns a four-bedroom house and cruises to work in a fancy new Audi TT. How? Simple, she’s married to a rich guy. A woman who earns £10K but is married to a man who earns £50K will clearly have a better lifestyle than a single man who earns £20K, yet according to feminist studies like this it will assume she’s on the poverty line!

Us men earn more because we work more, and that’s because we have no choice.

Women rarely want to support a man, which is why, even if – whether by hard work or, more likely, subsidised benefits and programmes from the government – women do earn on average the same as men and make up the majority of the workforce, we’ll then have women bitching and whining that women are having to keep the economy going whilst us lazy men sit around on benefits. They’re never satisfied.

“The Equal Opportunities Commission came out recently saying that 30,000 women a year are dismissed simply because they are pregnant,” she told the BBC.

Good. That’s because pregnant women can’t work for a long while. They will stay at home not contributing to the company and it is foolish for a company to be expected to pay her wages when she is not working. Any boss with a brain will find a way as soon as possible to fire a woman as soon as she admits she’s pregnant.

What really bothers me about this whole thing is that this report has hit the headlines in a big way and has got Tony Blair’s attention. Men are committing suicide in greater numbers, men live shorter lives than women, men get stripped of assets in divorce courts, men often have their children stolen from them in the event of divorce, boys are failing at school…yet all Blair is worried about is that women are getting paid a bit less through their own choices in life.

Of course, they’ll go forth with all this shit, pissing taxpayers money away on more childcare, they’ll put forth draconian employment laws, they’ll denigrate boys even more in schools in favour of girls, and so on and so forth…and the whole fucking country and its economy will collapse. No sensible company will want to establish itself in a country that forces them to hire women then forces them to pay women to be stay-at-home mothers. Men will drop out of the workforce after seeing its pointless to go up for jobs when there’s a woman with the Equal Opportunities Commission backing her up. Many men will go abroad, as will many companies, whilst other men will just lounge around playing video games and not bothering to work because it’s not worth it, not when you’re taxed so much to subsidise women’s “independence.” The public purse will start to empty soon, especially as those single mothers increase ever further.

Then – and most amusingly of all – an even greater number of women than ever will be hitting their late 30s and realising that, having spent their lives working for their careers like they were encouraged to do so, has left them with no chance of motherhood or of landing a husband. Then they’ll try and blame their miserable situation on us men.

But we won’t give a fuck. They can blame their mistakes and their own misery on us all they like. We’ve had so much blame we’re now immune to it.

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