Women only Nature Ramble


26 February 2006

There was a poster on a telegraph pole near where I live advertising the International Women’s Day Health Walk.

Basically the council has organized a nature ramble to celebrate International Women’s Day, and naturally it is “women only.” Children can come along “if accompanied by an adult woman” but certainly no adults without vaginas are welcome.

This is on taxpayers money incidentally. Everyone pays taxes, and 80% come from us men, yet the council is happily arranging women only crap like this. There would be an uproar if they organized anything for “men only.”

Also, it takes place between 3 and 4PM on a weekday, so no men could have turned up anyway because they would be at work, unlike workshy “ladies of leisure” and single mothers.

I doubt if many people will turn up anyway because, being a bit of a clumsy oaf, I accidentally and tragically ripped the poster down and slung it in a nearby skip.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:28 PM

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