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13 March 2006

Experimenting with change

A typical pile of crap from a halfwit female journalist about how women are so hard done by when it comes to Nobel prizes.

The upper echelons of science are dominated by men. Since 1901, just 3 per cent of Nobel science laureates have been women. Many women take up science (they make up 70 per cent of undergraduates on biological-science courses) but the attrition thereafter is savage. Women account for just 10 per cent of professors of life sciences and fewer than 3 per cent in physics.

You see, women see this as meaning there is some sort of evil discriminatory conspiracy here.

I see it as meaning women are unwilling or unable to succeed in sciences. Simple as that.

The world needs science and science needs women. Cosmetics giant L’Oréal is a research- based company and more than half of its 3,000-strong research team are women…

Um…I thought you said science? Not stupid studies into cosmetics. That’s not science, that’s just pandering to vanity. Are they honestly trying to say that women trying to make a really, really red shade of lipstick are an a par with men working on a cure for cancer or putting probes on Mars?

Then there’s the dumb bitch who whines that when a woman leaves science studies “humanity loses half of its talent and much more of its sensitivity and intuition.” Surely sensitivity and intuition have fuck all to do with science. That’s probably why women are a bit rubbish at it.

Being a woman has been an intrinsic part of her achievement, Professor Graves says.

Here we get to the core of modern women; just having a vagina is an achievement in itself and magnifies any achievements its owner may accomplish.

But Christine van Broeckhoven thinks that we are closer to seeing more women Nobel prizewinners who have children. For Professor Nüsslein-Volhard, it can’t be too soon, “It’s so much more fun to have women,” she twinkles. And better for our future.

That, friends readers, is why women tend to make shit scientists. They utter crap like that – women will make science “more fun and better for our future” – without a single shred of evidence. It’s just narcissistic yapping with a big streak of anti-male bias thrown in for fun. Stupid twinkling twat.

No surprise the feminist-infested United Nations are involved in this pushing of women into scientists and getting together to have a big mutual pat-on-the-back session. Meanwhile the men are back in their labs doing actual science.

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