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07 April 2006

I don’t have anything against career women, in the sense that I don’t have any objections against women having careers. What does bother me, though, is their insistence that they can somehow be ball-breaking career bitches yet still attract a husband, even though no man in the history of everything ever has ever said to himself “Boy, I wish I had an aggressive harpy with a big office and dried-up ovaries for a wife, that would be brilliant!

Furthermore a lot of career women are downright annoying because they seem to think they deserve an extra pat on the back for succeeding in The Patriarchy (the same Patriarchy that gives them positive discrimination and such delights.) They’re also annoying because invariably they want a husband and are too thick to realise that, unlike women, men don’t evaluate potential spouses on their career.

Anyway, here is the best way to piss off a career woman.

When she is spouting off about how high she is up the career ladder, how vast her office is, how big her salary is, how she’s fought against the “Old Boy’s Club” to get to where she is today, how many clients she has, how she doesn’t take any shit, how she is a “ball-breaker” who is “heading for the top”, blah blah blah, just nod and raise your eyebrows in an impressed kind of way, and tell her:

“You’ll make a damn fine husband to someone one day!”

Then run.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:50 PM

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