BT and bastards

01 May 2006

British Telecom are currently running a series of adverts based around a young man who has recently started a relationship with thirty-something woman who already has three children from previous relationships.

In all the ads, the young man is, predictably, a bit foolish whilst his single-mother lover is more organized and smarter than he is. The children are rather contemptuous of their mother’s new boyfriend at first but he tries his best to win them round, and at one point narrates how he is glad that the children are starting to see him as their new ‘dad’.

The latest advert highlights British Telecom’s broadband deals with the woman sitting at her laptop, looking smug. When her young boyfriend asks her what she’s doing, she glibly declares she arranging their new joint bank account. The young man looks worred whilst the woman grins to herself, presumably at the knowledge of now having access to her boyfriend’s cash.

This is the fantasy land inhabited by feminist/mangina Media Studies Graduate twats, a world where men are happy to hook up with single mothers with a big brood of bastards and let themselves be walked all over. Television programmes – soap-operas especially – and movies are replete with men happily going out with single-mothers. Women seem to lap this up and believe in it.

Naturally, it’s all bollocks. Only the most pitiful and desperate men would bother having relationships with single-mothers, no matter how much pressure, shaming language and propaganda the matriarchy and it’s media throws our way.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:01 PM


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