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20 April 2006

Failing students given pass marks

University students with exam marks as low as 26% were given pass grades in an effort to reduce failure rates, documents reveal.

And we’re meant to be impressed by women bragging about how they make up the majority of graduates?

The education system in the UK is shit.

State schools are crumbling wrecks, curriculums are geared towards females (since it was discovered girls do better at coursework than exams, coursework has made up more and more of grading content) and most teachers are women who invariably dislike boys, either because they are feminists or because they are simply just bitter as they approach middle-age unable to find a husband (the most anti-male women teachers I had at school were the spinsters over 30.)

There was a recent local report about how a school is running evening computer classes for kids…but only female ones. Boys are not welcome.

Universities are even worse. They’re infested with feminists and socialists.

Wherever practical, people should send their kids to private schools or homeschool them. British schools are shit and long since been warped by the hate-filled feminist ideology.

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